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    Help to wipe clean an external hard drive with 2 partitions

    Hello everyone, I'm on windows 10 and I would need help to erase all the data from an external hard drive that has one partition readable only by windows and another one only by mac. I managed to delete the windows one (ExFat) but I don't know how to do the same thing with the mac partition...
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    How do I Wipe my Disabled iPhone Without a Trusted Computer?

    So, I disabled my iPhone XS until it had the screen where it said iPhone is Disabled, connect to iTunes, ad I found out that, with much searching, I can wipe my iPhone, which would be the easiest way to recover everything because I had my old phone backed up onto another computer. But the issue...
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    How to wipe gateway solo 2500

    How do I wipe my gateway solo 2500 so I can sell or donate it?
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    Need to wipe computer clean, but dont know passwords

    I have a laptop that I don't know any passwords to except the admin password, but i can't log on unless i have a username or the computer name and I know neither. It is a Windows 7, 2014 laptop. I'm not sure how to navigate the BIOS menu in order to reset anything, but like I said I was able to...