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    Certificate for wiping business drives

    Hi, My friend is having a load of PCs recycled from his company, I asked if I could have them and he said no because he needs a company to give him an official certificate to prove that the hard drives and sensitive data from the PCs has been wiped. What is such a certificate called and do you...
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    How do I Wipe my Disabled iPhone Without a Trusted Computer?

    So, I disabled my iPhone XS until it had the screen where it said iPhone is Disabled, connect to iTunes, ad I found out that, with much searching, I can wipe my iPhone, which would be the easiest way to recover everything because I had my old phone backed up onto another computer. But the issue...
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    Solved Wiping A Secondary Hard Drive

    Hello, my name is Antony. I just joined the site because I was trying a DIY with something I'm not familiar with and managed to overcome the innate male bias of "meh it'll probably work, who needs help these days?" +1 to me for that. Anyway, The problem in question requires a bit of explanation...
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    Solved Disk-sanitizer and secure-erase one pass time?

    Product Name: HP Probook 4530s Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) I have HP probook 4530s ci5 having hard disk drive (HDD) of 750 GB. Hard disk is of Hitachi (HTS727575A9E364) I need to pass my notebook to someone for some days, so I needed to make sure my data is...