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    Home networking advice for an upgrade

    Hi - I'm looking at updating my home network, which is a combination of wired and wireless. We live in a 4500ft2 home and have a household of 5 - 3 kids/2 adults and we each have multiple devices (phone, tablets, laptops, etc.), multiple streaming (2 AppleTVs and 2 Rokus) and gaming (Xbox & PS4)...
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    Solved My PC on my wired home ntwrk gets 100mbps slower than others

    Just had XFinity/Comcast out to my house for a service call. They discovered that my PC was 100mbps slower than all the other PCs on my home wired network. They said it was probably my network card which is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller LAN Driver . My home network consists of the...