1. B

    Sharp Aquos TV not connecting to WiFi

    Hello there, firstly, my apologies if this is in the incorrect place. I've looked through the user manuals and cannot find the help that I need! I unplugged my TV last night, and from this morning I cannot connect to the WiFi. I've connected with the standard way of doing it - inputting the...
  2. Sassyer

    Solved Wireless Network Connection Broke

    I have a problem since Monday with my wireless connectivity on my Acer E5-575 laptop. I need to figure out what the problem is and fix it ASAP. I am nearly deadline right. The laptop will only connect to the network and internet when it is hard wired with an Ethernet cable. I need to look for...
  3. A

    USB stuck and broken

    I got a wireless mouse a couple months ago, taking it to school on my bike rides. Although recentley I've had a problem where the usb gets stuck inside the usb port, but another half of it comes out making me unable to pull it out and use it for other purposes. I will leave an image to show what...
  4. M

    Logitech K360 Keyboard

    Hey guys, The CAPS light on my wireless Logitech K360 keyboard is stuck on and the rest of the keyboard is not working either. Besides that everything else is working just fine including all other USB devices. I have a Dell XPS 15z running 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. Any help is appreciated...
  5. R

    Solved Netgear A7000 + USB 3.0 with google fiber 100 low speed

    Hi there, like the title says, I have a Netgear A7000 external wifi adaptor capable of up to 1600Mbps, at least according to their website. And it is plugged into a USB 3.0 port. Yet my computer still only gets around 21Mbps download and 39Mbps upload speed while my phone—a pixel 3a—gets around...
  6. 2

    Seeking a Fix for My ''Buggy'' Mouse Problem

    Over the years, I've had a number of Windows PCs with their attendant mouses. Until very recently, there has been no great problems with getting the mouses to work flawlessly with these devices. I plug them in, the mouse will operate without difficulty. Not so in recent days. PROBLEM...
  7. PoliSkeptic

    Windows Blocking Sign Ons Over Wireless Network

    My computer was working perfectly fine until it wouldn't let me log into any websites all of a sudden. I believe I have isolated the issue, but I'm stumped. I tried multiple browsers, and I can't log onto anything on any browser (Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.). I can navigate through pages...
  8. O

    Issues setting up new network

    My fiance and I have moved into a new apartment complex where cable and internet are provided. Because we didn't actually "move in" on the first day of our lease the modem/cable box were left in our apartment for us. Now 2 weeks later I am attempting to set them up and it's not functioning...
  9. T

    Solved Plugged in Ethernet cable, WiFi somehow merged with it

    Hi Everyone, hope someone can help me with this issue as I have tried so many things already (n) I have a Windows 7 Ultimate laptop where I normally do my work with a wireless connection which I also use on my mobile phone. Let me first say that somewhere last year I used an Ethernet cable...
  10. Z

    No internet when I use wifi adapter in my PC as a WiFi hotsp

    Hi, I would like to use my wireless adapter as a wifi hotspot to share the internet from my PC(connected to internet via ethernet cable) to my mobile devices but when i connect to the virtual wifi there is no internet. The only way I would be able to get internet on the virtual wifi is to change...
  11. G

    Wireless bridge with multiple hosts

    Greetings, I have some issues creating a stable connection between a mobile device (AGV) and a VM running a windows server OS (I would have to ask which version). The wireless network, VM and main gateway are present and not something I can see the settings of. The AGV is a vehicle able to...
  12. A

    Old Windows XP Aspire One doesn't connect to internet

    Hi, I have an Acer Netbook running windows XP. The model is ZG5. Please note that replacing it or buying a new one is not an option. The problem is that when I connect to the wireless network, it says it's connected but whichever browser I use tells me it's not. I think the driver may be the...
  13. B

    Storage for Youtube on iPhone6

    On a plane how can I listen to music using my iPhone without using the plane's wireless service? My songs are 250 YouTube links in Firefox bookmarks, on a PC workstation at home. Like to take these songs with me. Thanx.
  14. R

    Network Adapter not working correctly

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with a network adapter on a laptop that I have. Wireless capabilities won't work no matter what I do, but Ethernet seems to work just fine. I've tried replacing the adapter, disabling/enabling, uninstalling drivers and updating drivers but with no luck. It says...
  15. S

    "Manage Wireless Network" option disappears from Win 7

    Dear All I have been at this for months and cannot figure it out, as well as find any solution or hint to what a potential fix might be. It started after applying the 2017 October Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64 Windows Update. After the reboot of Windows the WiFi did...
  16. L

    Missing drivers and cannot install them!

    Hello, I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate which was going great until I realised - I cannot connect to WiFi or even Ethernet. I've managed to download the drivers listed on the support page for my HP laptop using my phone and a USB cable but these, sadly, have not fixed my issue. Does...
  17. B

    Acer notebook no wireless ability

    My Acer notebook seems to have no wireless capabilities and just shows no connections available I have tried everything to fix it
  18. vballmatt44

    How can I mirror a tablet wirelessly to a TV?

    So, I am a coach and I would like to use a tablet to take video and move around the gym freely. I use an app that delays the video that is taken (live) and I would like that to be shown on the TV. I think I'm missing a network connection or something in order to do this wirelessly. I have tried...
  19. Badviper

    Wireless headset speakers not working completely

    Hello everyone. I'm having a bit of difficulty with a wireless headset I purchased some time ago. Though it's supposed to be a 7.1 headset as I understand it, specifically a logitech G930 gaming headset, I only seem to receive sound from the front speakers. I'm not sure if it's a driver issue or...
  20. K

    Can't Get Wireless Printer to Reconnect to Computers

    My Brother MFC-7840W Printer was linked to the two office desktops, one wirelessly, one wired, and to two laptops (all Macs). Been working fine for forever. The other day (not too long after I updated to 10.13.2), my computer stopped connecting to it. Then all the other computers did as well...