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    wires of speakers' line in cable

    i recently tried to open my Dell ax210 speakers and succeeded in it but mistakenly removed these two wires (yellow and white one) this is the main wire from 3.5mm ( line in ) cable,there are three wires white, yellow and black where these wires of Dell ax210 speakers(line in one) are supposed...
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    I have a USB cable that has different colored wires

    I'm not familiar with these color of wires on a USB cable. I know the normal colors. And out of research I found similar combinations. But none are an exact match. The mico-end for a cell phone is all I have and it's way to small for me to use my meter to test pinouts. I could use a little help...
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    Motherboard swapping HELP!

    Hi all. Im not a computer knowledge guy and need help. Basically iv been robbed by retail shop. I wanted the latest PC that works on all new games and basically i havnt got that. Iv upgraded the graphics card and memory and was told yo transfer all in a new tower case. Was told very easy to...
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    Broken screen wire near mobo on laptop

    I was putting my laptop back together after trying to fix the power fixture when the ends of the very thin black and red wires from the screen broke into pieces. Now I can't plug the wires back onto the motherboard. The piece that broke off was about 1/4" x 1/4", a little white connection...