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    Wireshark on home network unable to see traffic

    I have a MacBook Pro Version 11.1 I am running Wireshark 3.4.2 I'm trying to see my cell phone traffic as my first Wireshark project. I go to Network diagnostics on the mac, and select the sniffer option and the icon changes to the eye. I used channel 44 with 80 ghz because that's the default...
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    Spam Botnet removal with wireshark

    Good day, I have tried asking our service providers for help, but they are no help at all, and no one on the internet is able to assist me. So hopefully there is someone here whom would be able to help a new person with wireshark and/or other software trying to find out what the fudgesticks is...
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    Unable to complete SSL handshake with web site

    We have a computer that is connected to a Cisco ASA router. This local router sets up an encrypted tunnel to a Cisco ASA router at a remote location. This remote location has a couple of web servers. From the workstation, I am able to ping (by DNS name and IP address) both web servers, see the...