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    Connecting Led strip to an on/off switch?

    I recently purchased blue led strips for the inside of my computer, which are great, but i dont want them on 24/7. They are connected to the power via molex, how would i go about wiring a switch to toggle them off or on when i please? Thank you.
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    Solved Wiring between Gigabit switches

    Hello, I have a question regarding wiring between two gigabit switches. Right now my network is wired as follows: Router-> 10/100 switch-> two 10/100/1000 switches in separate rooms. Running new wires is very difficult in my home, so I have split some of the existing cables into two sets of two...
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    New PC Build won't turn on

    Hi , I've built a new PC using compatible parts and my PSU's 20+4 cable. CPU 6 cable, GPU 2x6 cable and SATA cables are plugged into each respective device. For my case, I am using a Corsair Carbide SPEC 01 and have plugged in the power LED, HD LED, Power SW and Reset SW wires. However when i...
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    Screen Blacks Out For 1 - 2 Sec Randomly Upon Booting Up PC

    Upon turning on my desktop computer, and after pressing the power button to boot up, the screen will randomly black out for 1 - 2 seconds and continues even after logging into Windows and continues for about 45 mins with decreasing intensity (it flashes once every couple of seconds upon boot up...
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    Cooling System for a Closed TV Stand

    Hey there - I just got a new TV stand and I love the aesthetic, but unfortunately it's much warmer than what my Xbox/cable box would like it to be, and I'd like to set up an autonomous cooling system in the back of it. There are already some nice sized slots for cable management, and I've...
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    front panel question...

    K, I was wondering if you guys could help me understand this connection thing from the mb to the case. there is an extra gnd on the mb, and I was wondering what I plug into that. It also looks like I can orient my pwr btn and rst btn in a bunch of different directions on the pins... I am not...