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    How To Choose The Right One? Wix vs WordPress?

    What do you guys think which one should I choose? Wix is all over the Place and it is made with Beginners in mind. A non-technical person can also create a Website on Wix with its Website Building Editor without any coding. WordPress powers more than 30% of the Entire Web. I'm little bit...
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    Email Transfer To Wix, Inboxes died

    Hey Fam, Trying to help out a friend who's tech helper has messed everything up. They use to have email accounts hosted through their website developers on wordpress. They had someone come along to help them with their transfer to wix because their websites need constant updating and they want...
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    Solved Broken Image on Site (Wix)

    So I submitted a ticket to Wix but still have no reply after 48+ hours so I'm taking it upon myself to find other avenues for assistance while I wait (but according to their reviews, their customer service is lackluster and unhelpful). First off, to briefly describe the problem, here's the...
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    Unique Member Profiles

    Hi, I'm needing some help in finding or figuring out how to create unique member profiles for my website. I google and of course find all kinda of plugins for Wordpress and Wix, but I use a software called WYSIWYG which I really enjoy using. It offers the ability to create usernames and...