1. C

    Error while loading pages on web browsers

    0 I installed new Windows 10 on 2 laptop and on both laptop is same error, but I run ubuntu on one of them and on ubuntu is same error. I called ISP and restarted router to factory settings and nothing fixed it. My family use same Wi Fi and nobody have any error. When I connect with VPN or...
  2. Azrail

    Critical Structure Corruption ( Rtlihvs.dll error code 126 )

    While watching a simple video on fb I got the BSOD Critical Structure Corruption. After viewing it in Event Viewer it showed that during the time of the BSOD Rtlihvs.dll was at Critical error, which indicated at my TP-Link wireless USB that I use for my laptop. Some older thread showed it...
  3. M

    Solved Wifi is bad after the screen got broken

    Hi I have HP Notebook - 15-r262nj Windows 10 The screen got broken. I use a second monitor screen instead But now the wifi is working too slow (it appears that the wifi is poor even beside the router 0.5 meter) and when I go far (5 meters xD) it doesn't work at all What might be the problem...
  4. S

    "Manage Wireless Network" option disappears from Win 7

    Dear All I have been at this for months and cannot figure it out, as well as find any solution or hint to what a potential fix might be. It started after applying the 2017 October Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64 Windows Update. After the reboot of Windows the WiFi did...
  5. J

    Is it possible to set same SSID but different pass for APs?

    The scenario is that I have multiple APs in the building but one network. So generally id like to know if users are able to log into the wifi of the same SSID but to connect to certain APs, there will be an extra password that needs to be entered. Is this possible?
  6. 9

    University's Wi-Fi works, except for certain games...

    Hello there! So recently I moved to northern Germany in order to study there. I'm now living in a student union (or whatever it is called in english). So basically I live in a apartment provided by my university, which also includes a Lan-Connection. I've followed the given instructions on...
  7. P

    Dell Optiplex 360 to be connect to WiFi

    I have a Dell Optiplex 360, and i want to connect it to my WiFi, i didn't see any option for wlan on or off, If anybody can guide me how step by step, i will appreciate. Jack S.
  8. G

    Not working WIFI adapter or WLAN

    hi am gana. my laptop wlan can detect and connect to my mobile hotspot, but can't connect to other wifi. -------------i saw cutted small black wire that goes to my camera but i checked my camera and it was okey-------- What do you do AND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY LAPTOP WLAN
  9. R

    Wireless Adapter Issue

    Hey everyone! So basically im having a real awful annoying problem. I bought a wireless USB adapter for my desktop pc which is running windows 7. The device is a media tek rt2870 and the drivers are installed. Now it picks up the wireless connection okay, but it simply wont connect. It just...
  10. A

    help with Wifi QOS setup

    as the title says i'm struggling to setup the Quality of Service feature on my Comtrend jazztel ar-5387un wireless ADSL2+router (the full product name), connecting to the router shows this dialog : and the actual QOS page looks like this : now actually i have no clue how this works...
  11. Readerik

    WLAN works, LAN doesn't.

    Hello, I've got a weird error with my internet connection today. Suddenly, the internet connection on my desktop went offline, while wifi still worked. I tried multiple things, like restarting, resetting, renewing factory settings, switching ports. Nothing worked. All LEDs on my modem are solid...
  12. fatboynotslim

    A weird doubt about how networking works.

    Namaste! I was wondering how to LAN, WLAN, WAN, MAN etc. work. Do they need to have specific setups? On top of that my biggest doubt is that can cell phone towers be used to produce WiFi signals?
  13. somhrsh

    how to cast video using VLC(WLAN)

    like we can do with wmp can we also do it with vlc if yes then how
  14. A

    Wireless adapter IP address problem

    My comfast usb 2 wireless wifi adapter probably has some compatibility issues with windows 7 while sharing pc internet connection.The IP address of my pc gets deleted everytime i restart it,and i have to set them manually again.It used to work fine in Win xp.,running realtek wireless lan utility...