1. G

    Solved How to convert MP3 to Audio CD w/o WMP

    My computer has Windows 7 OS. Originally, it contained WMP, but I found it too intrusive. I wanted to use VLC and WMP interrupted me. I deleted all WM folders from my computer using the regedit to find and delete. Now that I am driving longer distances on the interstates, I want to listen...
  2. I

    Sound Recorder Runs 1.5 hours, but shows a 6 hr recording

    I'm wondering if anyone knows something I don't that may contribute to additional ideas leading to the answer (that spark we all sometimes need!), or have a direct answer, to why this could occur: I left the house at 4:55 PM with Sound Recorder running. I came back to the house at 6:20 PM...
  3. T

    WMP won't allow ripped files after Win 10 upgrade

    My father has a modest number of music files by most standards, but they are important to him and he's having trouble. For years he used WMP and some MP3 player I'm not familiar with. Most of his library is songs he uploaded himself from CDs or other media he has owned for years. A small...
  4. H

    Cd playback problems

    Since I upgraded to windows 10 I've been unable to play cd's, the computer recognizes them, WMP shows the album art and the bar moves along as if it's playing but theres no sound, theres sound for all other aspects of my laptop. I also can't rip a cd it shows as error. I have tried other players...
  5. somhrsh

    how to cast video using VLC(WLAN)

    like we can do with wmp can we also do it with vlc if yes then how