1. C

    In Progress C drive gone. Can only see x:

    Hi guys, So I'm streaming the F1 here tonight hoping Ricciardo can take pole in Singapore and my laptop starts becoming slow and unresponsive. I figure it might need a restart so I do and it's Lights Out for my laptop. It won't reboot so I do a hard reset (power button) and system restore...
  2. bananasonbread


    I was busy plugging in speakers because I have a friend coming over and accidentaly disconnected the hdmi cable. Now after plugging it back into the tower my moniter won't display anything. The wiring isn't damaged and the monitor is set to "HDMI>PC". I tried "HDMI>AV" to see if anything changed...
  3. T

    Wiko Rainbow won't boot

    I have already 3 smartphones Wiko rainbow in my hands with the same problem and I just can't figure out what to do to solve this problem. When I try to turn on the phone, it freezes once the logo "rainbow" shows up. I tried to reset to factory settings but it did nothing. I tried to connect it...
  4. M

    System won't boot, ASUS X99 problem?

    Hey guys I tried posting this on techsupport on reddit. But so far no one has cracked the problem :/ Please help me, I have done everything that people suggested, but nothing works... I really need some tech support! Here is the post: So I just did a case swap from my old H440 to a Corsair...