wont boot

  1. GlocknessMoster

    PC won't boot

    Recently I cloned my operating system from a WD Green SSD to a Samsung 860 Evo SSD and I replaced the 8GB of RAM with 2 16GB sticks of RAM and im pretty sure I did everything correctly everything clicked together and is plugged in but when I try to turn my PC on the monitor just stays blank and...
  2. K

    Computer won’t power on

    so about a year ago I built a pretty intense PC, for the first time. Some of the specs are; i5 ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E 16GB of Ram (TRIDENTz) 1080ti Evga 750GQ Corsair Hydroseries H100i 970 EVO SSD barracuda 3.5 internal HD 3TB The cooling system failed about 3 months ago, causing extreme...
  3. D

    New PC wont boot windows 10 usb

    So I recently built a PC for the first time and after I went into bios to make sure that the USB is the priority boot device, I attempted to boot the PC. It gave me the black screen and told me to enter the boot device and restart, as if there wasn't anything to boot from. Not sure if I'm...
  4. N

    Installed new graphics card now pc wont boot into bios

    I put my new graphics card into my pci slot and when i turn on my pc it comes up the gigabyte start up where you can hit F12 to enter bios then it just turnes off and restarts and its a endless cycle. So i removed it and put my old one in and it does the same stuff when it was working fine...
  5. C

    TrueOS install media won't boot

    Hello. I have an old HP 8470p that I've been trying to turn into a server by installing BSD. Since I'm too much of a noob to install FreeBSD, I settled for TrueOS. I created an install USB using Rufus and tested it on my desktop PC, it works fine. But when I try to boot from it in my laptop...
  6. M

    Windows will not boot,wont recover, wont repair +SrtTrail

    This morning I was downloading the realtek Audio Driver for my Microphone to sound much better. My computer instantly crashed when opening it some how I dont know. As I try to boot my computer gets into a loop and puts me straight into startup repair and gives me the SrtTrail error. I have tried...
  7. V

    Clean windows 10 installation won't boot

    Hi I just got new Hdd 1 T. For my min tower acer desktop. 1.I created 2 new partitions. 2. installed a fresh copy of my windows 10. after initial installation system is rebooting AND I got a very simple message on the black screen : "Reboot or select proper boot device or insert boot media...
  8. J

    Solved PC powers on, displays power light but no battery light

    Hello! I have been having this problem for about a week now, ever since I set my old computer back up in my room. The problem started when I left my computer alone for a while when I went out (the computer was working fine and I had just finished transfering pictures to my computer from my...
  9. T

    Computer wont boot buy beeps twice continuously

    Ive just installed a 4gb ram stick and it went to windows recovery so i rebooted it then it went to the same thing so i turned it off then removed the new ram and now my computer just beeps twice continuously and wont boot up would really appreciate the help
  10. A

    Nothing works

    Hi, so I've been having major issues booting my pc. I installed windows 10 quite a while ago and didn't have an issue. Im not sure if that has anything to do with it, but my computer will not boot past the lenovo loading screen. I can access bios, but not the recovery bit or safe mode (I've...
  11. J

    Pavillion dv5-1002 won't boot up.

    Blinking num lock and caps lock ONCE. I know that means a problem internally but is there anything I can try to repair this?
  12. H

    Computer shot off during windows update

    Hi there- My computer shut off during the windows update and now it will not turn on... is the broken? How can I fix this? Have I lost everything? Thanks in advance!
  13. K

    Toshiba laptop powers off when unplugged; wont boot

    I have a Toshiba laptop from 2015. My current state is when unplugged its like a brick. no lights, nothing. when i plug it in, it turns on as normal, but fails to boot, getting stuck at the screen that says toshiba. I use this laptop daily, never had any problems with it. i tried to unplug...
  14. I

    Solved New GPU PC won't boot

    Hi there im new here and hope I can get some insights for my problem. I have recently bought a new graphics card, Powercolour RX480 4gb to replace my old Sapphire 6870 and decided to install it myself (I have no prior experience with building a PC whatsoever) What I did was to first uninstall...