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    Acer Chromebook 15 Died

    Hello all,my Acer Chromebook 15 (CB15-571) seems to have died overnight.It wont switch on or charge,Im getting no lights,its just dead.I have tested the charger and its ok,I have bought a new battery and installed it,I have tried holding down the refresh and start keys....nothing,dead.I have...
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    Toshiba laptop powers off when unplugged; wont boot

    I have a Toshiba laptop from 2015. My current state is when unplugged its like a brick. no lights, nothing. when i plug it in, it turns on as normal, but fails to boot, getting stuck at the screen that says toshiba. I use this laptop daily, never had any problems with it. i tried to unplug...
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    Laptop wont turn on after Windows 10 "Anniversary Update"!

    Hi I'm new to this whole forum thing so let's see how I go. Some background info about my laptop is probably useful so I'll start there. I have owned my ASUS Transformer Book TX300CA for about 2 years now and haven't had many recent issues with it. My laptop recently suggested to update my...