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  1. K

    Toshiba Satellite L750 Won't boot

    hi, My bosses chrome wouldn't work on her laptop so I went to start and clicked restart. Since then the laptop has not been able to restart it comes up with the same error (system restore did not complete sucssefully) and startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically.This comes up...
  2. B

    Solved Pc won't boot

    hello, my pc won't boot. I turn it on and after motherboard screen it goes straight to black screen with blue windows logo. I tried booting off a USB with windows 10 and it goes straight to the same screen. I changed the boot order in the bios to the USB and same problem. Used my friends usb and...
  3. E

    PC Not starting|Beeps 3 times (details in OP)

    Hey My PC won't start properly when turned on - doesn't matter whether my monitor is connected or not. Everything inside it lights up like normal, but after about 10 seconds the presumed motherboard begins to beep: 1 long and 2 short beeps, to be exact. Also, the MB shows the code A2. Here's...
  4. D

    Hp pavilion 15-n270 won't start up

    My laptop is a HP pavilion 15-n270 and the 1st problem is that my battery does not work at all - it's in but noted as undetected but my laptop still turns on with the adapter so I'll buy a new battery soon the second problem is that when I turn my laptop on it just stops at the hp logo and goes...
  5. WickedGirafe

    Solved Changed RAM now my computer won't stop beeping.

    I tried adding more ram to my PC, and once I turned it back on it would not start and started to beep. It makes one short beep followed by one long beep, then repeats. I have an HP Pavilion a6237c and it takes DDR2 ram