won't turn on

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    The computer won't start up

    Hello I have a issue with my computer after i plug in the cable and pressing the power on button its start up for a couple of seconds make a 1 beep sound then after a second make a double beep sound and its will start running for a couple of seconds then turn off, and sometimes its without...
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    Hello, I am a teenager with very little understanding of technological terms, and am having some problems with my LCD32-209 TV. Would it be possible for some solutions? ♥ Thanks for reading this. A few months ago, my TV was unresponsive to attempts to power on, and took multiple attempts to do...
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    Trouble with starting up laptop, hardware dump

    So today I was on YouTube and then suddenly my screen went black and had a blue pop up on it and said something about memory dumping and just shut down wheni tried to restart my laptop the lights on the body of the laptop are on but my screen is just black it won't turn on. Need help asap please
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    Computer turn on, fans spin for 1 second, then turns off

    A few months ago i built a system through a popular computer company, ibuypower, and was initially pleased with the performance of my PC. I was then forced to take a few months away from the system due to work, during which it was stored in a safe dry location. Upon returning the system had the...
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    New power supply, Computer won't boot

    The other night my power supply died on me. I have been able to trouble shoot my computer before but I am kinda stuck not sure where to go. I installed a new thermtake 650watt power supply and ditched the old one. I believe I have installed all power cables correctly. After I hooked it all...
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    I phone 5

    My iPhone 5 has gone completely black screen but you can still hear Siri in the back, it still charges and you can see when the volume is turned up. But nothing else can be seen, aswell as that the "off" button up the top does not work. Please help
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    Resetting ASUS TP500L unremovable battery?

    Accidentally put my speakers jack into USB port which resulted in my laptop turning off right away hasn't turned back on again. I've tried turning it on many times through the day but it's dead. None of the lights come on. The battery isn't one you can remove as stated. Is there a way to reset...
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    My laptop won't turn on!

    I have a Toshiba satellite E45t-B4106 and all of a sudden it won't turn on. I was using it earlier today in class but when I got home and opened it the power button light was on (as opposed to blinking when it's asleep) but pressing it wouldn't do anything. I tried plugging it in but the...
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    Water Damage Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

    I was standing on the bridge of The Wave at Valleyfair, and my tablet happened to be in my pocket, and when that wave hit, it must have gotten some serious water damage, cause it started trying to boot only to fail over and over again, and once it turned on completely, the speaker was weak, I...
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    My Dell Desktop won't start up

    I have a dell desktop computer and we cannot get it to turn on. We've tried different monitors in case that was the problem and that didn't work. It used to say that it was in power save mode and now it won't do anything. The computer itself will turn on for a minute then the screen goes black...
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    Dell Laptop Adapter won't turn on

    hi, Okay so I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. It's pretty old as I got it in 2009, and yes the battery is shot to hell. But it has worked in this condition. The problem is I can't get the adapter to turn on to get my computer powered on. To my knowledge, there's no shortage or exposed wires...