word 2007

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    By mistake closed a never saved word file

    So, today i started working on a brand new created word file, means there are no older versions of it. It was literally named "Document1" the whole time while i was working on it. By having more windows open i closed it by mistake over my mouse shortcut-buttom. Googled the problem and tried...
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    Word 2016 opening as Word 2006

    Hello, I have a problem with my Word. I use Microsoft Word 2016 to write, and I'm more comfortable using this than Word 2007. However, when I save a file using Word 2016, I open it later using File Explorer and it opens in 2007. I cannot figure out why this happens. I even go to my document...
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    Could Avast freeze my PC as soon as I work in Word?

    Dear person! Around March 15, Microsoft Update installed a lot of new files, Avast installed a new version of the program and Skype updated itself. Since then, Working in Word had become hell. My PC would freeze after ten minutes, every time. Sometimes Word crashed or Windows crashed. This is...
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    How to Save & Reuse a Word 2007 Mail Merge Template

    I use mail merge only once a year, for holiday envelopes. So I'm unfamiliar with most of the options. My recipients are stored in Excel. I have saved a (single envelope) .docx with my return address and «FirstName» «LastName» «Address», etc. for recipient. But I don't know how to use it...