wordpress help

  1. W

    Help With changing hosts for a domain.

    I was recently assigned a project to migrate our landing pages from Marketo(a marketing automation tool which gives you the option of creating landing pages based on a domain chosen by you) to our wordpress server. Currently the networking and web devs have decided to clone all our landing pages...
  2. C

    Change language in Wordpress theme

    Hi, and thank you in advance! RE: metaphysicax.dk WordPress WP theme Responsive How do I correct this, so that all system text is shown in Danish? In the top section of a post, where information about it is shown, like date posted etc., languages seem mixed together. The words and...
  3. D

    Slow running wordpress website

    Hello I have a business website that uses wordpress (theme Avenue) & I'm having problems with the load speed. It won't load image sliders very quickly & editing is really difficult as it takes ages for changes to appear & update. What could be the reasons for this? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Koda123

    Website keeps redirecting

    I'm currently have a bunch of WordPress websites and everytime I try to go into customize the theme I get redirected to support.google.com saying my cookies are disabled when there not I've done all the steps that it says I've tried different browsers and computers and it's comes up on all them
  5. S

    Solved WordPress Problem: Unable to create directory

    Hi Good Noon, Have a WordPress Problem: Unable to create directory /uploads/xxx. Is its parent directory writable by the server? Can anyone help on this... Cheers