1. M

    Cant view website on one device!!

    Hi, maybe you guys can help me.. I’ve been working on a Wordpress Site for several months. Suddenly I cannot get it to load on my macbook, regardless of what browser I use. It will load on my iMac, other laptop, and phones - basically all other devices. This is on wifi or hotspot, same thing...
  2. deuZige

    Wordpress site not reachable by domain name adres.

    I cannot reach my wordpress website on my server using domain name. only from lan using local ip or localhost. I am in absolutely the worst IT hell I have experienced for as far as I can remember. I need someone to help me fix this or I will go completely and irrevocable bonkers… or at least...
  3. C

    How To Choose The Right One? Wix vs WordPress?

    What do you guys think which one should I choose? Wix is all over the Place and it is made with Beginners in mind. A non-technical person can also create a Website on Wix with its Website Building Editor without any coding. WordPress powers more than 30% of the Entire Web. I'm little bit...
  4. B

    Should I Shorten Links?

    My question is primarily about external links that I have on a wordpress-built page. Some links' URLs are quite long- for example, sharing a Google Map. What is the best way to format them: should I use the full original URL, or shorten the URL using a URL shortener such as tinyURL or Bit.ly...
  5. ruchithakur

    Help Me In Finding A Wordpress Plugin

    Is there any wordpress plugin that require single installation and will solve all my website tasks? Can anyone help me with this? I want to manage my SEO and website development tasks with single plugin only.
  6. R

    How do I restrict some pages to members only in Wordpress?

    I am planning to install a membership plugin that will restrict some pages to members only. I see there are many available BUT I also need a facility whereby a member can send an automatic message to a product supplier simply by clicking a button which will be shown with the product. The...
  7. K

    About IB tool

    Hi, I want to know what actually IB tool is? As I am now working with a software that will generate the data out and received via API. And it seems I need to put it in an IB tool in order to view the data. And is there any way to display those data in the account page in wordpress? * I am...
  8. W

    Help With changing hosts for a domain.

    I was recently assigned a project to migrate our landing pages from Marketo(a marketing automation tool which gives you the option of creating landing pages based on a domain chosen by you) to our wordpress server. Currently the networking and web devs have decided to clone all our landing pages...
  9. M

    Website is redirecting wrong

    Hi! My website www.fabulousmondays.com is redirecting to one of my other sites www.fabulousmondays.com/breakthrough on my social media buttons. I haven't done any redirections, so not sure why this happened (it used to be correct). I use WordPress and Stablehost for hosting. So grateful for...
  10. H

    Problems with Wordpress install

    Hi I’ve been trying to install Wordpress and I get error saying pho is not running so I tried to install latest php and still nothing I’m confused to hell on this it’s my first time doing something like this I was using wix started building my site but I’ve allready brought my domain from...
  11. B

    Solved Problem loading a JSON file

    Hi, I downloaded an elementor template pack and now want to upload it to my Wordpress website. It is in a JSON file format. I have tried to upload it using Notepad, Json formatter pro and Fileviewer plus 3, but when i open it, it goes to a page of code. Does anybody know what i can do to make it...
  12. B

    Wordpress Site Problems

    Hi, I am new to wordpress/hosting/everything. I was a wix customer before but decided to make a local directory site. I created the site two days ago, and was having issues with it loading slow. I ran speed tests, and started researching how to fix the problems. I did edit some of the code...
  13. Basss

    Solved Trying to create a website, but only index.php works.

    Hello, I bought a course from a website: 'Learn to make websites with Wordpress' but after i followed most of the steps but after i created index.php, the next few steps were to add a photo to my web design and after that create a single.php file. But the only thing that seems to do anything...
  14. C

    Cpanel advise needed

    I need assistance to access certain logs on my cpanel but I have no idea how to get to them. For example to access my backup logs I need to go to usr/local/cpanel.... etc. But my question is where do I get "usr"? I hope that I am explaining it right. Thanks in advance
  15. Koda123

    Website keeps redirecting

    I'm currently have a bunch of WordPress websites and everytime I try to go into customize the theme I get redirected to support.google.com saying my cookies are disabled when there not I've done all the steps that it says I've tried different browsers and computers and it's comes up on all them
  16. SwapnillK

    Error messages on website

    I am facing a problem on my website, i am getting a message shown on home page of my blogging website - http://homeremediescloud.com/ [vc_row][vc_column] . Please suggest me how can i get rid of this problem. My website is developed on wordpress and theme used news 7.
  17. A

    WP bakery plugin rearranged my website

    I hired someone to help with design of a webpage and without my permission he uploaded WP Bakery Visual Composer plugin. The plugin changed the appearance of the dashboard as well as the layout of each page of the website -- the sliders are messed up, the sidebar is on the bottom of each page...
  18. V

    Wordpress subscribers problem

    I just changed the theme on my blog from a free theme to something a bit more...updated. :) Something that really bothers me is that my subscribers seem to have disappeared? The guy who set up my theme for me installed Mail Poet to manage subscriptions, but I can't find any trace of my...
  19. V

    Solved Does anyone have experience with the Brixton WP theme?

    Hey, I 'm back. Just installed Brixton's for my little blog. I thought I had learned to navigate my old theme pretty well, but I can't seem to figure out anything on Brixton's. Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to: Resize the right sidebar (widget) Resize blog post text (it...
  20. MagicJang142

    There are tools to check the index of a page wep

    I am establishing a wep page and want to develop it by affiliate marketing, I need to know the tools to check the index DA, PA of a different wep page to view it is appropriate for me to learn and work with?