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    What software do you work with?

    Hi, Are you an IT administrator, Support technician, Systems engineer, Network administrator, or the likes? What software do you use at your workplace? What software is most prominent at work places at the moment for administering and setting up employees computers and software on them, setting...
  2. J

    Backup hub

    I have a employee that comes to work and brings a backup hub when he is working alone and I believe is hooking them up to my computers what would he be doing
  3. S

    is it possible to detect the copy/paste text in the notepad

    I am doing some E-book typing work at home in which i have to convert jpeg handwritten images into text form. But the comapny from whicch i took this work has told me to not use any word detecting software or even copy/paste any thing in the work. So my question is this that is this possible...
  4. W

    Connecting two computers. I Need help!

    I'm looking to control a separate hard-drive from our two PC laptops. I would like for this hard- drive to essentially be it's "Own separate PC" with windows OS, files, programs etc. I have always had issues with work files between computers. I don't like to send and share files because we end...
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    Mac won't stuck on loading screen

    mac is stuck on loading screen and have tried to go to recovery mode and reinstall sierra but it just says something about volume and restart and try again but it dont work.