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    BSOD or boot freeze

    Hi everyone, I just recently built a computer, and have been using it fine for a week. All of a sudden, while playing a game, it crashed and gave a BSOD. Ever since, I have been getting BSODs with different errors (most notably "Bad Pool Caller"). I have no objection to doing a fresh install...
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    Help!! my acer laptop is not working!!

    okay so my acer laptop is not working. it has had Windows 10 for about a year now and just recently it started going out of whack. it will load to the desktop screen but after that nothing loads!! I will click on the desktop icons and it does nothing. the start button does not work. task manager...
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    Help with bush TV- HDMI to Xbox 360, please!!

    First of all let me apologise if I post this in the wrong place, I've just joined because I need help with this. My boyfriend recently have me his Xbox 360 as a birthday present including all of his game data. We tried it for the frst time on my Bush TV through it's HDMI slot- and it worked...