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    Work station

    I need some guidance for buying a workstation laptop i need within the bugdet $3000 so please can any one could give some piece of advice
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    Solved My CPU is faster then my GPU thus bottlenecking it.

    Hi I'm new when it comes to pc building and also I'm tight on a budget so I really need to think when buying pc parts. First off my CPU is a Ryzen 5 2600 and my GPU is a 1060 6gb. I wanted to know it if my system will bottleneck or not so I went into this website...
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    RAID issue with customer. Any help would be appreciated...

    So a customer calls me and says he needs a new motherboard Asus sent him put in. He said Asus told him the old board died because of a Win 10 update (I didn't even think it would be possible without a failed bios flash). He didn't mention anything else and I normally never work with RAID setups...
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    Solved Help with upgrade to Windows 10

    Hello everyone, just wanted to know if any of you is familiar with Dell Workstations specifically T5600. I have spent about 48hrs trying to get this upgrade to work and I am about halfway to losing my mind. I downloaded the Windows Upgrade Assistant, everything goes well. When it reaches Making...
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    Updating an offline workstation

    Hello, I have a secure computer that cannot access the internet directly. The windows and Internet Explorer are both out of date. How do I copy the latest version it has and then go to another Internet-connected PC and download all updates on a flash drive or CD for my offline workstation?