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    Certain keys randomly become unresponsive when playing WoW

    While playing World of Warcraft certain keys become unresponsive making it extremely difficult to play. This happens randomly in Dungeons and Raids. I have tried out three different keyboards and same problem. I have purged my WoW interface. I have hot keys disabled in Windows. All drivers and...
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    Weird lag

    Hello, So I like to play WoW and ever since I moved in to my new apartment I've been experiencing very weird lag spikes. No new software has been installed recently (except for updated drivers) and when testing my connection either through my Phone or a neighbors Wifi connection the lag is...
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    How to fix ping spikes

    Hi, I started having ping spikes about week ago. Its all normal at first but then its like 2 minutes normal ping (32 ) and 2 minutes of spikes (70-500). I tried everything i found on the internet but it didnt work. Its a computer problem because i changed the source of internet and it still...
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    Computer can only connect to some sites, weird program found

    Hi there, i turned on my laptop this morning and went to play WoW when i tried to launch i got a weird error saying "World of Warcraft was not able to connect to the network data source" after this i instantly went online to trouble shoot. I loaded up my browser and googled the error. Several...