1. A

    User Management System

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for something I need for my startup. I have a payroll business and am wanting to expand to include online payroll features for my website. I use WYSIWYG Web Builder to create and edit my website. I have no coding experience so I need either a 3rd party software or...
  2. A

    Website Not Working Properly

    I've been working on my website and use WYSIWYG to build it. I've had a pretty easy time using it and publishing it until just now. I've tried twice to fix it and I don't understand what's wrong. After adding some page links at the top to the existing ones and published the page, my website...
  3. A

    Unique Member Profiles

    Hi, I'm needing some help in finding or figuring out how to create unique member profiles for my website. I google and of course find all kinda of plugins for Wordpress and Wix, but I use a software called WYSIWYG which I really enjoy using. It offers the ability to create usernames and...
  4. A

    Difficulty Publishing Site

    I have an account with HostMonster.com and have been using Web Easy Pro 10 for months to create and upload my website. I've never had any difficulty with it. I just use the FTP upload thing in the software using my credentials and everyhting just works. However, I changed to WYSIWYG to make a...
  5. jmaida

    Code issues with WYSIWIG editor

    I am trying to update this website: http://www.modularhousing.com in a WYSIWIG editor. The previous designer built the site in Dreamweaver and then copied and pasted all the code into the WYSIWIG (which is called ckeditor). When I try to update the site at all, even just delete or add an image...