xbox one

  1. T

    Xbox One hard drive

    Just wondering, i have put my xbox one hard drive into my PC. If i format the HDD from the PC and install windows 10 OS, will i be able to use my xbox as a PC?
  2. H

    How do i connect a soundbar to my xbox one/monitor?

    So, soon I am buying a new monitor and cheap soundbar for my new setup. the monitor has a VGA, HDMI(will be taken up by my Xbox) and a headphone jack. Now, since the soundbar is cheap it only has a USB and 3.5mm outputs. how would i connect my soundbar to my monitor or xbox so that sound would...
  3. G

    Need help connecting pdanet to my xbox one correctly

    ive been trying for about a week to get pdanet on my samsung galaxy s5 to connect to my xbox. right now it connects but im having double NAT issues, UPnP issues, and teredo issues. im at a loss for what im supposed to do. pdanet connects to my computer perfectly and im using its wifi share to...
  4. P

    Ping Spikes for Xbox Live via Ethernet Cable to PC

    Hi there, I live in student dorms using 'eduroam' wifi. It normally doesn't allow Xbox Live to be used from it, but I did a workaround of simply attaching an Ethernet cable from my laptop to my Xbox One. Now this works but the problem is that I get consistent spikes in ping making any online...
  5. C

    xbox one optical audio dolby digital and dts bitstream

    Hello, I have a optical audio out running from my xbox one to my Yamaha HTR-5930 Receiver ( I have fr, fl, center, sw, rr, and rl speakers connected. I have tried both dolby digital and dts bitstream audio setting on xbox one. I...
  6. S

    General Wifi issue with FireStick and xbox

    I have a general question. I have recently purchased a firestick and have an xbox one also hooked up to my TV. Either one will freeze up or go slow and it's getting frustrating. I check the connectivity and it says I have a good signal, called the cable company and they are not showing...
  7. W

    Xbox One Ethernet Connection Issue

    My xbox can connect to a wifi signal but usually can't get through a multiplayer game without lagging out. Every time I plug an ethernet cord into my xbox from my router I immediately lose all connection until I restart the router and sometimes I also have to restart the Xbox with it. I've gone...
  8. G

    How can I separate my Xbox One Sound?

    Hi, My aim is to run an Xbox one, Behringer X1204 mixer & Streaming pc all together but I only want to use one microphone for both talking in my stream and playing the games. (I am using a streaming pc to make use of OBS) I need all my audio inputs to run through my mixer and these in turn...
  9. A

    WiFi problems when xbox one is connected.

    Hi all, I need help with how to fix my xbox one because its my world of entertainment but every time its connected to the WiFi the Internet goes down. this only started today and I have been in touch with the ISP but at the time I thought it was just the internet but its the xbox. it isn't just...
  10. CanYouHackett97

    Looking for help with running an Ark server on Xbox One

    Some Background: My friends and I got Ark: Survival Evolved for Xbox One a while ago. We tried playing the public servers, but all the good places for a home are taken by people with huge fortresses and we don't wanna worry about strangers messing up our stuff anyway. So we started our private...
  11. C

    logitech 2.5 speakers to tv

    my logitech 2.5 speakers are connected to the westinghouse flatscreen tv i play xbox one on, only one speaker and the subwoofer work. why doesent the third speaker work? i know its not broken becouse i hear static from it on diferent inputs. thanks
  12. I

    How to get sound on AOC 12367F for xbox one HDMI

    i recently purchased a new monitor for gaming and I can't seem to get the sound working for my xbox one. I have tried everything and even turning up the volume all the way. any help would be much appreciated Thank you!
  13. S

    Connectivity issue in Games on Xbox One

    Hi, I've been having an issue where in games my bullets don't connect as quick as they should when shooting people in the game, it has to be a network issue cause it doesn't happen offline. Anyway I got sick of the issue so I factory reset my modem and for the first couple hours I had...