1. Confused.Wifi.Guy

    Wifi Repeater invisible from Win10

    Hi, the problem is as simple as misterious: I've been using a Xiaomi Wifi Repeater 2 in my home for over a year but lask week when I came home my laptop couldn't see the Wifi-repeater network any longer. I can work with every other Wifi just fine -including the source wifi that's being repeated-...
  2. T

    Smartphone as modem works, but not for games

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm trying to use my smartphone (Xiaomi Redmi 7) as a modem to play videogames online. It works to browse the internet, but my games (and Discord*) don't want to open. (*Acutally Discord opens, but says it can't connect) It worked before with an other phone. If you...
  3. I

    Apps installation in External storage in MI devices

    Is there any way the apps can be installed in the external storage of MI devices. i have a MI note 4g.