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  1. M

    Solved YouTube

    Why I can't hear YouTube videos. I can hear from other sites while on Chrome but not YT. My chrome is up to date.. my flash player is updated. I can only hear YT videos on firefox. Smdh Please Help..
  2. gowest

    Remove old device from YouTube "Play on TV" Cast

    Hello, I'm trying to remove a "cast" to device in YouTube. I've fully cleared my Google Chrome cache, but the old device is still showing up. Please see the photo - When I click "Play on TV" on YouTube, the "cast to" device...
  3. O

    How do I turn notifications back on? (broken youtube)

    Accidently clicked "turn off reply updates" the only option to turn back dissappear from code Double checked with new account (and then other device platform) stuck Hi! By accident i clicked "turn off reply updates" in the menu from the bell icon and there is no option anywhere to turn it on...