1. Theaveragepunk

    Problem with frequent subwoofer blowing!

    Hey guys.. I am a new member and have joined to seek a solution to a very annoying problem. I have recently bought the Logitech z623 THX-CERTIFIED 2.1 speakers. These speakers are rated for 200w RMS (35x2 sattelites and a 130w subwoofer). The problem is that whenever i crank the volume past...
  2. CrownSA

    Logitech Z623 Blown Subwoofer

    Hey Team, New here so if i am breaking the rules please let me know, So my Logitech Z623 subwoofer i believe is blown, makes a crackling kinda flappy noise when bass is turned on (although at max bass it does still push some air/bass). My main question to ask from you lovely folk is if you...