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530 Authentication Required

Discussion in 'Web & Email' started by swirg53, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. swirg53

    swirg53 Thread Starter

    Aug 20, 2004
    Wow! Did things ever get goofy today when I hooked up to AT&T Yahoo DSL. Previously, we have had Racc2000 for our DSL Provider. That's just a local provider but it will be easier if I can name it in the story! Racc2000 is still active, however, the AT&T DSL is on a different line and Racc2000 is not connected into my network.

    I use Outlook Express on my work station as does everyone else who has e-mail on our network. I have XP Pro as does everyone else, except for our server is running MS 2003 Server. I have only tried to configure my e-mail and since I can't get it to work successfully, I haven't tried anyone else's.

    After finally getting online to bring up browser windows successfully, then we headed to Outlook Express to try to get that to work. I was on the phone for nearly four hours with AT&T DSL tech support and finally said I had to go home and would have to work on it later. The gal was so apologetic although of course that meant I did not have working e-mail. Tomorrow, I will go at it again but my hope is someone here can help me.

    We have our own domain name, kitcarsonpaint.com. And there are about six of us with e-mail accounts, me [email protected] Now, everything was working fine with Racc2000 before the changeover.

    I have had it checking my kitcarsonpaint.com e-mail as well as retrieving e-mail from my home address: [email protected] I have been able to choose to have it send from either one of those accounts too. but after the changeover, I no longer can send out.

    My settings have been:
    outgoing e-mail server: mail.racc2000.com
    incoming e-mail server: mail.kitcarsonpaint.com
    no authentication required
    ports 25 & 110 (outgoing/incoming)

    today, of course, I now have been honored and blessed (?) with a new AT&T address: [email protected]

    I can successfully send and receive mail with the [email protected] account by using the following settings:

    outgoing e-mail server: smtp.att.yahoo.com
    incoming e-mail server: pop.att.yahoo.com
    Authentication required using the same incoming e-mail server settings for the authentication password and login
    both outgoing and incoming ports are changed and the box is checked for the server requires encrypted connection (SSL)--I believe the ports are 485 and 995.

    However, the above settings used with the [email protected] account bombs out on both incoming and outgoing e-mail. If I change the incoming back to mail.kitcarsonpaint.com then I can receive e-mail again but I still can't send it out. I have tried every combination of having the above things checked and not checked and nothing will make it work. EAch time I get the 530 Authentication required error.

    Our domain mail is hosted by Gaslight Media. They also do DSL so I know I am going to be between a rock and hard place when I talk with them about this. I know I am mixing apples and oranges or so it seems, however, my outgoing mail should have NOTHING to do with GAslight Media--it should only hit AT&T Yahoo. My incoming mail does go through Gaslight Media and that is working.

    All I can find on the internet about this 530 authentication required error has to do with simply checking that box that authentication is required but that does not help me and my cause. I'm guessing that all of those people are using the same ISP for both the incoming and outgoing server.

    I have a similar problem at my church........our mail is hosted by voyagerhosting. Our ISP is Charter Pipeline. If a person with a charter account sends e-mail to someone at the chruch, only 80% of the time (if we're blessed) will the e-mail arrive. And it takes quite some time for the sender to get back the message that the e-mail was undeliverable. The same thing had on occasion happened to me when I would send from charter pipeline at home to the paint store.

    Does this mean that people ALWAYS have problems with their own domain e-mail when you use a different internet service provider? Just doesn't seem right to me.

    Charter tells me it is a problem because they don't do relaying any more, but they used to. Well relaying e-mail only happens one direction; not both directions.

    I don't know if I have told you enough or not but I have to have the e-mail working by Monday at he paint store or I have to go back to Racc2000 for DSL and it IS slower....much slower following browser links. Amazing difference. Thank you.
  2. leroys1000

    leroys1000 Banned

    Aug 15, 2007
    I would have to guess that your problem is the same as mine,
    A lot of ISP's are blocking prot 25 for outbound smtp mail
    servers to curtail spam forcing home account users to upgrade
    to business accounts to use this service.
    I had to resort to a relay account at dnsexit.com and send to
    thier server on another port which is then relayed out on port 25
    from their servers.
    Unfortunately it's not free.
  3. swirg53

    swirg53 Thread Starter

    Aug 20, 2004
    Thank you for your reply. I did note when she was helping me get it installed that all the directions said "home user"--which makes me mad because the salesperson KNEW we were a business.

    I have AVG for anti-virus and I do have it scanning outgoing mail and incoming mail. Well, I should say I normally have it scanning that. But as we were trying to get the e-mail working, I would note that as it was sending, AVG was hooking up with an IP address so I checked out the IP address and it is the IP of my former ISP for DSL, Racc2000. Now, where in the world was it getting that from? The only way I could work around that was to disable AVG scanning e-mail. Why it would still be using my old ISP when none of my accounts were any longer pointing to Racc2000? (I just use automatic host or whatever it is called in AVG--I don't identify ports to use--maybe that is a problem here too?????? When I first started using AVG, I used to configure it that way--not as automatic because I couldn't get it to work on automatic, but it led to difficulties too and then I finally found out that it would now work with automatic and that solved lots of problems back then....until Charter and apparently ATT Yahoo decided they would no longer relay. But I am going at two different, I think, issues here.

    AVG using Racc2000 as it sends: awhile back, the tech support guys from Racc2000 came to my office, after I had received something in the mail that said I had to change something or another. It was like DNS or something. I was supposed to do it according to the mailing, but they showed up before I did it so I just let them do it and then of course, since it all worked, I threw the paper away. DUMB! They did NOT get on a computer; I am pretty positive of that. When we were setting up the ATT Yahoo, the gal had me get into the router via a web screen...you know what I mean............and we had to change some setttings for the router to get it to work with their DSL. She kept wanting me to change it to PPPoE (I think that's the letters) from what it had been orginally which I don't remember what it was. Finally, somethiing she read said to change it to dynamic--which I did and then it worked.

    But in the midst of all of that, I noticed that the DNS was pointed to actual numbers rather that being assigned automatically. I asked her if I should switch that to automatic and she said yes. So, I did. I assumed at that time that that was what the techies from Racc2000 had changed; but could they do that without sitting down to a comptuer and going through the router IP to get to its software? Anyway, I have a hunch that this AVG part of my problem has to do with the settings they changed that day, which makes the router point to them rather than anywhere else and they made the change to prevent you from changing to another DSL provider. When we started with them, they were the only DSL provider in town. Cable was also available but would have required extra installation charges.

    I also don't think that I mentioned that GAslight Media (our web host and mail host) also offers DSL service. When we started with them and DSL, they didn't offer it and basically contracted with Racc2000 to provide the DSL service but really other than being the avenue to get to them, Gaslight was out of the picture after that as far as ISP goes.

    If I ask either one of them to help me, I know what will happen; they won't want to help because they are going to want my business.

    But the big word you used in your reply RELAY is the key. That's what has been the problem all along with the church e-mail. They tell me they are not willing to relay e-mail anymore. And it is also hooked with a spam problem of sorts as often I get e-mail back that won't go through because it says it is spam. NOT!

    I'll have to look into your suggestion. This all makes me so mad and I can tell you have been down that road but when things start working okay, you seem to forget the burden of cost AND the burden of getting it fixed.
  4. leroys1000

    leroys1000 Banned

    Aug 15, 2007
    AVG probably has your old IP in it's list of allow exceptions.
    You may want to change that.
    AVG however,is not a firewall and won't block outbound traffic
    unless you are using AVG pro.
    I think that does have a firewall and your mail server may need to be added,but
    I don't see why as it is using the same programs.
    I use the basic package at DNSExit as I don't have a lot of email traffic,
    so it's about $15 a year.
    You can opt for a higher level at any time.
    Forward and reverse lookup settings can affect email delivery if
    not using a relay,but the relay doesn't require the reverse lookup
    for mail delivery as that is handle by the relay server according
    to the information you provide.
  5. swirg53

    swirg53 Thread Starter

    Aug 20, 2004
    Well, I went in today and got it fixed. I was just too stressed and too tired and too long on the phone with AT&T who didn't know what they were doing. At least she spoke English AND she was nice and very apologetic for how long it was taking. Those things can go a long way. I did what I really think it needed. Use authentication for outgoing mail and used their login for it and only changed the outgoing mail port, like they wanted me to do. Then it worked.....thank goodness!

    But I still haven't hooked AVG back up for scanning e-mail. I am using AVG Pro and where does it file away that IP address for me to get it out? I don't see it anywhere in the settings within AVG or do I have to edit the registry to find it.

    Thank you for your help. This relay place is very interesting. I went there before my last ditch effort above that worked, but I am still wondering about it for my church.

    So, I will continue on now about my church to see if you think dnsexit would be helpful there.

    Some of this will be repetitious of before.......

    The church has charter high speed cable interent service and I also have the same thing at home. At home and at the church the network is peer to peer, both having a router to distribute the internet service signal and for sharing files and printers.

    Without any consistency whatsoever, sometimes when I send e-mail to a church address it doesn't make the trip. It comes back to me as undeliverable, however it takes its time doing that--sometimes several hours may have occurred in between and as the sender, I would assume it made it to the recipient. Until you are aware of that, you just automatically assume it made the trip since it didn't bounce back to you. Later you get the error message and you can be frantic because they obviously didn't see what you wanted them to see. At any rate, I'm going on about something you already understand.

    Sending e-mail out from the church doesn't have an issue for example in sending to me but does have issues with sending to others at the church (via Internet--we don't do anything with an Intranet). But as I said, sometimes when I send to the paint store, it comes back telling me that those person(s) don't exist.

    The church has its own domain name also and it is hosted by a different company than Charter. Sometimes, e-mail to my husband comes back as undeliverable with the same user unknown error message.....his isn't his own domain name but it is a third generation back of an ISP that has been bought out two or three times. Other than him, I don't think I have a problem sending to anyone who has an ISP domain name.

    So, my thought is this. That DNS exit might help both my sending to the church and Kit Carson (Paint store) and my husband and any others that I am having problems with because it is their own domain name....yet sometimes people on excite.com or yahoo.com etc pop back to me undeliverable too. Charter ONLY likes sending to itself, apparently.

    If DNS Exit would help my problem, then it becomes a huge can of worms. Others with Charter also have a difficult time getting e-mail to the church, again only intermittently.....so, then everyone would have to purchase DNS Exit? I know it isn't much to spend but it is another cost and most people would be disgrutnled to have to buy it and wouldn't. I would be disgrunteld but I would get it if I would think it would help. But it just doesn't seem right that others would have to get it to be sure the e-mail works right.

    Any ideas?

    I will give you a sampling of the error message I get back, sometimes hours later:

    This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

    Your message was not delivered because the destination computer was not found. Carefully check that it was spelled correctly and try sending it again if there were any mistakes.

    It is also possible that a network problem caused this situation, so if you are sure the address is correct you might want to try to send it again. If the problem continues, contact your friendly system administrator.

    The following recipients did not receive this message:

    <[email protected]>

    Please reply to [email protected]
    if you feel this message to be in error.


    And I have replied to [email protected] which does not help at all. Thanks.
  6. leroys1000

    leroys1000 Banned

    Aug 15, 2007
    Are you sending multiple emails at once when this happens.
    If so,charter may be blocking after a certain amount of emails.
    If this is a business account,you want to talk to charter to see
    if there is anything they can change.as you email should not be restricted.
    If they are blocking,a relay account would help,but with the intermitant
    nature of your problem,and it happening from more than one client,
    it sounds like you are having communication problems with your charter account.

    What operating system is the email server being run on?
    Or is the email being sent through charters servers?
  7. swirg53

    swirg53 Thread Starter

    Aug 20, 2004
    e-mail is sent through charter's servers.

    it can happen when sending an e-mail to multiple recipients or when I have just sent to one recipient. i am sure the church account is a business account but my home account is not a business account.

    I have been on the phone with tech support until I am blue in the face. I need to talk to the business salespserson again because recently we had to sign a new contract which I told her I didn't want to sign a new contract when the e-mail performed so poorly and she assured me she would help if it got bad agian. it jsut so happened that right then it was not really bad--just only occasionally, but we had just come through a time when most e-mails were not making the trip to the church--it was more the rule than the exception.

    I sure appreciate your comments and suggestions and thoughts because I am learning through the things you post about this. And it all helps to add more data to the situation. Thank you so much.
  8. leroys1000

    leroys1000 Banned

    Aug 15, 2007
    Being as it's charters email servers,the problem needs to be corrected with them.
    A relay won't work unless you are running your own server.
    It really sounds like charter is having problems.
    As a possible workaround,have you tried using a free email provider like hotmail and
    bypassing thier servers altogether?
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