Ah yes some thing intresting of the pirate Christopher Columbus


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Aug 5, 2002
Christopher Columbus Unmasked at Last!!

The man behind the "Christian" mask

No portrait of Columbus exists....No artist or sculptor considered the great "Admiral" and "Discoverer" of the New World a fit subject for a portrait because they did not want to retain an image of a PIRATE for posterity!!

The first mention of Columbus was in a piratical attack on Venetian shipping in 1485.

"The first cause of the Admiral's coming to Spain and devoting himself to the sea was a renowned man of his name and family, called Colombo, who won great fame on the sea because he warred so fiercely against infidels and the enemies of his country that his name was used to frighten children in their cradles....He must have been a formidable person, indeed, because on one occasion he captured four large Venetian galleys of such great size and armament that they had to be seen to be believed. He was called Colombo the Younger to distinguish him from another Colombo who in his time also won fame on the sea. Marcus Antonius Sebellicus, the Livy of our age, writes in the eight book of the Tenth Decade of his work that about the time Maximillian was king of the Romans, Hieronimo Donato was sent as ambassador from Venice to Portugal to thank King João II for for having clothed and relieved the people on these great galleys, which were returning from Flanders when they were met and defeated near Lisbon by Colombo the Younger, that famous corsair, who robbed the ships' people and turned them ashore.
According to his son, Columbus did not fare well in this battle. The outnumbered Venetians fought like LIONS....His ship caught fire and he grabbed an oar and swam to shore. As a result of his narrow escape from death, the "reformed" pirate decided to give up his life of piracy, settle down, and become a "family" man. He was about 50 years old at that time.

With the loot from the stolen Venetian galleys, Giovanni Griego alias Columbus, settled in Portugal and married a rich lady of noble birth named Doña Felipa Perestrella. They settled on the island of Madeira south-west of Portugal. It was on that island that 5 shipwrecked sailors died in the house of Columbus. These sailors were blown by a horrific hurricane all the way to the West Indies.

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Aug 5, 2002
but on a side note i found the article on fark.com and the url belongs to a religous site


Jan 6, 2003
When you get a chance read the book, Enemies of Christopher Columbus by Thomas A. Bowden.

You're judging Columbus by today's cultural laws.
If you were to judge Columbus by American Indian law at the time, Columbus would be a hero Chieftain.

Columbus' discovery of America is the only one that matters because of the great changes that went forward and the mass exodus from Europe to the "new world".

Columbo and I had a brief discussion about this in another thread.
And I almost fell into the "multiculturalism" trap.


Christopher Columbus: Multiculturalism vs. Objective History

I highly recommend this book

Read this;

The political correctness movement in America is attempting to eradicate Christopher Columbus from the history books all across the country. But here in Denver, where I live, the issue is even more prevalent.

In 1992, the Columbus Day parade in Denver was cancelled at the threat of violence from American Indians. They claim that Christopher Columbus was a horrible man who raped, pillaged, and stole from their ancestors, and doesn't deserve to be celebrated.

This year, the federal Department of Injustice was brought in to mediate between the Italian and Indian communities regarding the restoration of the annual Columbus Day parade. Again, the American Indians threatened outright violence at even the mention of the name Christopher Columbus. This time, though, they're backed up by the anti-industrial protesters who wreaked havoc outside the WTO in Seattle. They vow to bring their brand of lawlessness to Denver if there is any mention of the hated Columbus. The "compromise" is to rename the parade to the Italian Pride Parade.

Needless to say, the Italian community is outraged at such as bold and brash destruction of their first amendment rights.

Allow me to make some enemies here: Christopher Columbus is not a man to be hated or defiled. He braved what most considered impossible odds, only to discover that the world had more land on which to bring the wonders of civilization. That bravery, and that discovery, led to the foundation of the greatest nation on the face of the earth: The United States of America.

This story is rife with irony. The American Indian community has rebelled at being called "savages" because of what their ancestors did, but in the same breath refuse to allow those to celebrate Columbus for his accomplishments. What kind of Italian pride would be expressed by a march, where your oppressors sit glibly on the sidelines thinking "I've won! I've made myself better by tearing down others!"? Is that what Italians should feel proud of?

It would be a stronger display of pride, in my opinion, to stay home, than to neuter yourself for the sake of your enemy. Yes, the American Indians are the enemies of freedom, being assisted by the outright thugs of the new left in this suppression of the free marketplace of ideas.

I'm led to ask: what word better suits those who threaten to initiate violence because of free speech, than "savage"?


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