almost the exact same response as I left!


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Mar 24, 2004
Need to make a rule about ppl leaving an almost exact response as others this really is uncalled for and will drive myself and others off.Any ideas on how to stop these antics???Ex. U have a hijacker(according to hijackthis log) and I tell you to to delete searchhook and download say addware and run it and someone else posts almost the exact same response to the thread that I just responded to.
Jan 30, 2001
Actually I would consider that to be a good thing. If you did not know about computers wouldn't you feel better if you got basically the same advice from two different people??? I would.

I didn't see which post you were refering to but did the second person post closly in time to when you posted? Many times I have posted and didn't see that another person had posted because I was off looking for an answer. Sometimes it was nearly the same answer that the other person gave.
Mar 9, 2003
I have looked at the last 6 threads that you posted in before posting this message and didn't find anything I would consider a duplication of your post.

I did see several posts where you advised the user to get HiJack This, Spybot, or AD-Aware but did not provide any links to the programs or info on how to use them. Another member then posted with the links to d/l the programs and some additional information on how to use the programs.

I would consider this additional information and very helpful to a user who has never heard of the programs, what they do, or how to use them.

For example, two points should be made with HJT:

1. Install and run it from it's own folder. REASON: Other wise it will create logs and backup files all over the desktop or in the Temp folder and be hard to find.

2. Once they run it, don't do anything until advised to, most of what is listed is harmless and some is even necessary.

Believe it or not, I have seen threads where the user thought HJT was like an AV program and what it showed was all the bad things, so they deleted everything. It happens.

Sure it takes time to give clear concise step by step instructions, but in the long run it is less work than having to redo everything and correct errors made by assumptions, and in addition the user learns more about his computer.

The other thing, as pointed out, two people unknowingly are working on the same problem and post the same thing a few minutes apart. I've been on both sides of that many times myself.

BTW, it's Ad-Aware, not "addware". Again, with no link the user would never find it if he searched for "addware"
Feb 23, 2004
It always makes me feel better when I see several are all on the same page of what I should do


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Aug 27, 2003
Thanks for mentioning that NiteHawk because I know I'm the "other member" on at least one of those threads.

When I saw the advice given was just to d/l HJT and Ad-Aware with no links or instructions provided, I thought that really wasn't very helpful to the poster, to be honest. Many have never heard of those programs, as you said and don't know how or where to get them.

I love it here and just want to help as much as possible but I know my limitations, although I'm learning more and more all the time. So I felt that by posting the links and instructions at least the person wouldn't feel so helpless, even if I'm can't analyze the log for them.

Edited to add: We had a poster just last week who deleted everything HJT found before posting an empty log (except for two of three things). I advised him to restore everything from the back-up of HJT and post another log but haven't heard from him or her since.

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Apr 17, 2002
Cookie: Did you check the times of the replies...maybe two members were typing the exact info at the same time??? :) Take care! angel
Nov 19, 2003
my 2 cents:

I like knowing that two people say the same thing. If one person is a junior or a just made senior member, i would be a little hesitant to go and delete stuff off my hard drive. If say a DM with 4,000 posts did this, i would be a little more comfortable. The Junior member may be the best MIT grad ever, but i would still be a little hesitant about it.

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