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Sep 17, 2002
Just sort of a "running it by you" thing.

I'm not even sure of the stats.

Neighbor woman's daughter messed up her computer (I heard she wiped the OS out, but it wouldn't start (for me) because of the A-drive) and gave it to her mother ( my neighbor) Since it said when turned on it needed a 3.1 start up disk and she knew I have a computer she asked if I had one. Like "do you have a 3.1 start up disk I can borrow?" (LOL)

I don't think she's ever had a computer before.

I said I'd look at it, thinking I could put in WIN 98 from the install CD I have. I told her "I can't guarantee anything, but it doesn't work NOW, so I can't make it any worse."

She agreed.

When I turned it on it said the A drive failed, so I hit F1 and bypassed it, and WIN 95 screen came on. When the first DOS stats were on it said Version 3.1 up top. Just guessing with no real knowlege about this, I think maybe it was 3.1 and someone upgraded to WIN 95? The WIN 95 one never loaded the desktop, (past the WIN 95 flag). Waited a few mins then said there were files missing or corrupted.

It seems to be from 1994 (copyright 1984-1994) and says HD Personal Computer on it. The mouse says Honeywell.

I never got into it (on screen) enough to find out much else, and there's no info about it on the case.

So, I started it, and managed to remember how to format the C drive (in DOS) and restarted it with the WIN 98 CD. Looked good... then said it couldn't install it because there was less than 66 MHZ processor speed. All I could do was click OKAY to close this box.

Okay, it's old and can't put WIN 98 in (and I don't have any other install cds) and I would say it's not really worth much.

I was going to ask if she'd sell me the monitor (which says 1994 on the back, but looks good) and keyboard and mouse.

I mean like $25 or something. Never know when you might need one, and I might get one of the non working towers I have here working.

Other than that, I am going to tell her I can't put WIN 98 in it (it's too old and slow) and she'd have to find a WIN 95 or older CD. And it's not worth putting money into.

I was telling someone else (online) tonight who said he didn't think WIN 98 cared what the processor speed was, and maybe there was a way around it? But the error box just had OKAY to cancel the CD install.

Since I'm not in the business of fixing computers and just did it for my own learning experience and to help her if I could, I just wonder if this is the only way? I mean, WIN 98 won't go in and I plan on telling her not to bother with it (the tower)? I don't think she has money to buy another one, and not sure how much she wants a working computer. Just that someone gave her this one.

But, I don't want to tell her it's junk if WIN 98 could be put in it.

If it were MINE I'd tell myself "it's junk and not worth doing anymore with". But, I'm doing this for someone else and I don't know much, but I know more than SHE does.

I don't know much about the size of it, (hd, etc). I thought it (in the first stats) said the memory was something like 800- KB? After WIN 98 wouldn't go in, I was trying to put DOS commands in to see if it would tell this, but didn't know how. Or, maybe it wasn't there because I had formatted the C drive?

I probably have the record of how many things you can put in DOS that come up with BAD COMMAND/FILE NAME :)

Oh, the floppy wasn't working when I put it on, but worked okay with my start updisk.

~ Carrie


Jul 3, 1999
W98 requires at least a 66mhz processor and 16mb of RAM so the PC can't run W98. My personal opinion is, it's not at all worth fixing.
Mar 20, 2000
from Windows98 help....

"Before you install Microsoft® Windows 98, make sure your computer meets the following minimum system requirements:

486DX, 66 MHz or higher processor.
24 MB of RAM. (More memory improves performance.)
Adequate space available on your hard disk. The amount of space required varies with your installation method and the options you select during Setup"

chances are, even if it only meets the minimum - it would never run properly

find someone with a copy of Windows 95?


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Sep 17, 2002
That's what I thought, too.

Just wanted to check it out before I give it back and tell the neighbor.

I set it up on my kitchen table, because I didn't plan on devoting much time to it. I figured WIN 98 would go in or it wouldn't.

And, as I said, it didn't work before. If it had loaded past the WIN 95 flag, I'd have left it like that. And told her how to bypass the A drive. Or put in one from one of the compters that don't work I have here.

My first "job" with a computer. That wasn't one of mine or someone had given to me (I offered and didn't charge).

I would have felt good if I got it going for her, but I feel good I can tell her what's what with it, also.


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