cant play anything with my new radeon 9000 pro

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Jun 24, 2002
have recently upgraded to a radeon 9000 pro from my old voodoo 3 due to obsulete technology and ever since installing the card have experienced problems that have seemed to get progessivly worse at first all my games except one worked and now none of them but one work when i attempt to start a game i get an error message then a blue screen explaining that windows has been shut down to prevent damage to my system it suggests getting new drivers and changing the bios which i have done it also include a line the says stop: then a series of numbers such as 0x0000060 0xb0000006c and such the two codes i have managed to copy were 0x0000008E (0xC0000090, 0x005BC45B, 0xBA4B6644, Ox00000000) and 0x0000008E (OxC000008E, 0x69174948, 0xBA934636, 0x00000000 after this error message it says beggining dump of physical memory and the only way to leave this blue screen is to restart I am currently running an amd k6-2 500mhz with 192 mb sdram and a 12.6gb hard drive and windows xp any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated being i cant afford to go and buy another new card thanx


This issue affects the RADEON 8500LE as well as other RADEON products.
Under some configurations, the physical amount of memory on the ATI display card will be reported incorrectly under some Windows utilities. These utilities can include DXDIAG, the Options tab under the Display Properties, as well as other third party software.

ATI provided utilities for the card, such as the ATI Inspector and Problem Report, will detect and report the correct amount of memory for the graphics card.

ATI Engineering has been advised of this issue and is investigating. Any updates will appear on this page when they become available.

ATI CustomerCare is currently tracking customer's experiencing this issue. To help us with our investigation, please provide the following:

The part number and BIOS part number from the affected ATI product
The version of Windows being used
The display driver version currently installed
May 26, 2004

I have finally found someone with the same problem as me. I have had this problem for over 6 months now and its driving me crazy. I can't play any 3d shooting games because they all blue screen with the 0x0000008e (0xc000009c... or the 0x0000008e (0xc000008e.... blue screens.

Here is my system.

Windows XP Professional
AMD Athlon 1800
Radeon 9600 Pro
K7T266 Pro2-a MOBO (KT266 chipset)
Maxtor 40 gb and Quantum fireball 20 gb
256 Mushkin ram, 256 Kbyte ram, then bought 512 Corsair

I have windows XP and a Radeon 9800. The blue screen happens at different times in different games but almost always at the same point in the game.
In Day of Defeat the blue screen happens when I try to look up the scores, and in most other games it happens when the game starts. However, Final Fantasy 11 runs perfectly and has never blue screened which makes no sense to me.

Here are the steps I have taken to try and solve this problem so far with no luck.

1. Tried a brand new mother board.

2. Tried a 350w power supply instead of my 300w.

3. Tried changing every bios setting possible. (caching, shadowing, voltages, etc.)

4. Removed all unneccesary hardware.

5. Installed a clean XP on a separate hard drive.

6. Updated and removed video drivers a million times.

7. Flashed bios and updated mobo drivers.

8. Replaced processor. Didn't change anything.

9. Bought new RAM. Tried every combination of RAM/slots.

10. Used a freinds GeForce 4. This was the only time anything changed, but instead of bluescreening, the games would just crash to the desktop instead.

ANY help or info on this topic would be greatly appreciated as this problem has destroyed my gaming life.

The post above this one seems completely random and doesn't help me at all. Don't know what that was all about.

If the creator of this thread fixed their problem could you please let me know how =).

May 15, 2004
I have the same card, and have no problem, dunno how to help you.
But I got a pentium, perhaps that's your problem ?
Feb 13, 2003
420247 and Kwanzai:

Proably what was meant was that thier is a know problem with the memory on the video cards and xp and that ati is working on it. I did a search on google for radeon and 0x8e error and most of the links that came up suggested updating the drivers, changing memory etc, all of which youve done the only thing that i found on ATI's website which might suggest a lateral problem with xp (since its based on 2000) was this link:

Thiers proably newer links for xp if you look around for them, unfortunatley they dont have the links in the MSKB articles
Jun 19, 2002
Ryan Sanders... look at the rest of his computer! If he's gonna save up some money, it's not gonna be for a $500 vid card, it'll be for a not-so-antique computer.

Oh wait... My computer is older than his!

Make sure the game has the latest patches. Besides that, I dunno, seems like you've tried everything! er, get a new card.
Dec 26, 2001
Disable Fast Write and disable VPU Recover in the ATI Control Panel, the both o-ya'z!

If that doesn't work I would suppose your VPU's are kaput. If you warranties haven't run out, contact your respective dealers and ask if they will kindly replace your faulty video card.
May 26, 2004
Thanks for all the replys. I tried your suggestions and got the same results.

I'm not sure if it's my 3d card that is the problem. When I tried a Geforce 4 the games still crashed, but they minimized instead of giving me a BSOD. It could have been a completely different problem, but if I remember correctly, the games minimized at the exact same point as they blue screened with my Radeon. I'll have to try again to make sure, but I don't have the geforce 4 anymore. I'll have to dig out my old GeForce 2.

I'll keep the forum up to date on my findings.
May 26, 2004
I thought my problem was RAM at first too, memtest gave me all kinds of errors, and the errors differed by slot. So I bought a brand new 512 DDR stick of Corsair RAM. No errors, but didnt fix the problem. Then I bought a brand new motherboard, and tried it with the new motherboard and the new stick of RAM, but no dice. With brand new mobo and RAM, I'm reluctant to think ram is the problem, but I'll try the test anyways.
Feb 8, 2003
Are you updating your 4in1 drivers and bios using liveupdate? If so I can't think of anything else at the moment other than none of your ram modules are compatible with your motherboard. Oh and with all this switching back and forth of cards and drivers make sure you uninstall the old drivers before installing the new drivers. Use the ATI uninstall utility in add remove programs. Good luck.
May 24, 2001
When you changed all the parts did you use the same hard drive? If you did Try a clean install of windows, then get mainboard drivers followed by video drivers, and see if that helps , as a last resort of course.
May 26, 2004
I've tried memory timings.
Yeah, I was using the same hard drive when I exchanged all the parts. To do a clean install of windows, does that mean I will have to format my hard drive? I have done the repair installation before when I switched motherboards, and it didn't change anything.
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