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Oct 7, 2001
Every day at approximately 9:00 pm the computer freezes requiring a restart. It doesn't matter if the internet is running or if you are just using a game or other application. I first thought it had a virus but after running a virus scan twice and not finding one, I don't have a clue why it would be doing this. Any ideas?
Oct 4, 2001
I'm not sure either, especially why it would happen at the same time each night. The following is a list of solutions that have cured freezes in the past that you might try:
I can only offer a generic answer of things to consider:
This may not help but worth a try.

To start with you can get rid of some of the background programs by going to the Start Button>run>type "msconfig" (without the quotes)>enter>startup tab> and unchecking everything you don't need, (I usually leave four things checked, the Firewall, system tray, your antivirus program and scan registry which backs up your registry) Then on the General Tab I was told to check the "selective start-up" and uncheck "process config sys.file" and "Process autoexec.bat file". I've done that have haven't "froze up" since.

You can also try an decrease your hardware accelerator rate as this sometimes causes things to "hang-up". Go to start button>settings>control panel>display>settings> click the advanced button>performance tab> and slide the hardware accelerator all the way to the left. If this fixes your hanging-up problem, then try and move it one click to the right and see if
you start hanging up again, if not move it again to the right until you start hanging up again. When that happens, move it back one and leave it.

Next, you need to check for Spyware which might be trying to "phone home" in the background. To do this you need to run AdAware or Spybot. Rollin Rog posted:

Both Ad-Aware and Spybot are XP compatible.

Installing and Running Ad-Aware

1. Download to a convenient folder the installation file:

2. Download the Refupdate installation file:

3. Run the Ad-Aware setup file (aaw.exe) to install Ad-aware and reboot.

4. Run the refupdate.exe installation file. Go to Start Menu>Programs and find the Lavasoft Refupdate entry and run it. It will want a connection to the internet to check and update the current signature file. When that is complete. Run Ad-aware itself.

5. Configure Ad-aware to scan all drives on which you have installed programs, memory and registry. When the scan is complete, check all entries it finds (do not select "Exclude" unless you specifically want something to be ignored!), click "Backup", to name and backup the items to be removed, and then continue to remove the selected items. Reboot afterwards.


Installing and running Spybot:

1 -- create a new, 'host' folder in a convenient location (not on the desktop)

2 -- download the spybot "self-installer" program to it and run the setup file.

3 -- go to the Start Menu, find the program and run it. Click the "online" tab and "Search for Updates", then make your selection and click "Download Updates". You will not need to update the "main" program and can probably ignore the language and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) updates.

4 -- run the scan (click "check all"). You will see some boxes checked and others not. Remove the pre-selected items. The others are mainly "cleanup" options (you can disable this feature by clicking Settings > FileSets, and unchecking "Usage Tracking". "System Internals" should be unchecked as well unless you are confident you know what it deals with).

5 -- it is a good practice to reboot afterwards, even if not prompted.

NEXT- I would run an online scan for any virus that may have sneaked in past your AV program. You can do it here:
or here:

Next- I would delete all Temp files- cookies- etc, then run your scan disk and defrag and mentioned above.

Next- I would check for overheating as heat can cause the CPU to freeze. Make sure the fans in the tower are functioning correctly. Also I would blow out any dust for the case and around the fans. Make sure the tower is not placed next to a heating duct in the room where you have the computer.

I hope this helps you. Good Luck!!!!
Nov 6, 2002
I would suggest forgetting the adaware program as it has not been updated since the 24th of Sept. and would seem basically worthless as there have been several new scripts put into action recently. Ad-aware is going to come out with a new version(6.0) soon, but have yet to do so. SpybotS&d......killer program. Better than Ad-aware was when it was being supported.

I would 2nd the opinion to run a seperate virus scan as some virii disable .exe files and thus render your av program helpless.

Just a thought here. I am wondering if you possibly have a "task" scheduled to run via your task schedular that is having a problem and is freezing your pc when it starts to run, at this very same time.

It helps when posting here to give your system information to aid in any diagnostic ideas. There are lots of known probs with certain OS's and things of this nature. Also an idea of how long this problem has been happening would help too. Am wondering if you are using XP or ME and have System Restore to possibly try. Scanreg /restore is yet another "attempt" to fix any registry probs you may be having, though it is limited in how long it stores dates for restoring. In Windows 98 you can try the System File Checker found in the system tools, in the "tools" dropdown of that program.


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Oct 7, 2001
Just to let you all know, the 9:00 PM freeze has been resolved. I ran msconfig and removed most of the items in the startup and the computer is no longer freezing at 9:00. I don't know what was doing it but anyway, it ain't doin' it no more;)

thanks everyone.
This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. The original thread starter may use the Report button to request it be reopened but anyone else with a similar issue should start a New Thread. Watch our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site.

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