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Jan 25, 2007
I almost posted this last night(well this morning, I'm a day sleeper):

I've searched high and low here, google, and all sorts of other tech guides for 2 days, and still can't find what I'm looking for, or what i've found I tried and nothing worked.

I got a virus/spyware a couple of days ago, it's my fault totally, and I knew the risks, but i've never had a problem this persistant before.

I run XP and for tools, I use AVG free, Spybot S&D(not the resident shield, that's too much protection for someone who likes to....fiddle with things...)Lavasoft, and DoctorWeb*Cureit at certain times.

No viruses found, or they were found and removed, repeated multiple scans untill everythign comes up clean, use a registry cleaner(easy cleaner, reg

Couldn't reach google. Deleted the 4 or 5 entries in my Host file in system32/drivers/etc folder.
Can reach google now, as it was one of them.

All seems to be runing fine now, but my network icon(lower left corner by clock) is showing constant internet activity(except for exactly just now, go figure).

Used TCPview.exe to monitor what's going on, vast amounts of sites and IP's talking to my computer, and I mean VAST.

Find a good thick copy of the host file(or hosts, whichever it is) and that doesn't seem to help, so I take about 1000 entries from TCP view and add them to host file.

I'm still getting activity, but alot less varying websites are listed in tcpview.

I update windows security problems(had a few), turn on firewall, still, activity.(turned off automatic updates cause I don't have the best DSL connection to let it run ffreely)

So I decided to post here because I'm at my wits end, had to turn down security just to log into hotmail to validate account here.

And well, as of right now, it's off, much to my dismay... Minutes ago it was constantly active all I've done is log into hotmail as listed above.

I'm sorry if I crowd the forum, but I know if I just close this and don't post, it'll be there again when I get up in the morning(if it's not, well, I'll come back and let the thread know)

A quick check of tcpview, and it looks mostly like task manager. It's so calm it's almost spooky.

And that's why I almost posted but didn't, it had stopped.
But it's back again, many of the same or similar sites I saw before.
*edit, I should mention i've been doing little to no browsing since coming here last night, one gaming forum site, forums and is all.
**Edit # 2, the name of my computer is Corrupt, eh, makes some thinks look worse than they are.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'll post a snip of what I'm getting in tcpview below, anything quesiontable seems to be one version of svchost, or it will be similar to the first line.
[System Process]:0 TCP corrupt:4858 TIME_WAIT

svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4258 SYN_SENT
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4127 FIN_WAIT2
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4253 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:3940 CLOSING
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4294 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4305 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4307 FIN_WAIT1
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4316 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4318 FIN_WAIT1
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4304 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4306 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4315 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4320 SYN_SENT
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4321 FIN_WAIT1
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4322 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4327 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4331 FIN_WAIT1
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4328 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4330 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4335 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4336 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4332 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4334 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4339 SYN_SENT
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4341 SYN_SENT
svchost.exe:3584 UDP Corrupt:4340 *:*
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4345 SYN_SENT
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4347 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4354 SYN_SENT
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4349 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4350 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4351 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4352 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4353 ESTABLISHED
svchost.exe:3584 TCP corrupt:4348 CLOSING
This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue. View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site.

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