[Custom Build] Multimedia Related Crashes

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Jul 14, 2005
I'm going to copypasta what I put on Reddit which, as of yet, has been 0 help.

"I apologize for the lack of detail in the title - if I knew what detail to give, I wouldn't be seeking help on this one. As you begin reading my problem I want to add that I've been to many different techs IRL and not one has been able to determine the problem.

PREFACE TL;DR: computer randomly keeps turning off when I use more than one type of media at the same time or in the same login any time apart.

So back in 2009 I bought this custom built computer from a local rip off computer joint. It was a pretty basic setup for pretty basic gaming, after all the majority of what I play was made in the 90's and 00's: a "green" enough-power-to-work power supply, a highly ranked radeon HD card (6800 I think), Windows 7 Home Premium, and the correct motherboard type to go with the radeon (it should be noted that they noted the motherboard could be used for future upgrades).

I got the thing home, booted it up, and then...found out the video only outputted on the card's second output (it had two DVIs). Odd....oh well, no biggie, I'd just take it in another time so I can dual screen! I started installing some games, booted up League and IT WAS AWESOME. WOO FULL GRAPHICS. I then decide to idle on League and open up a youtube video (League related, of course) and not even a few minutes into the video the computer freaks. It makes a loud sound through the speakers, the screen flashes and then goes dark, and that's it. The computer is "off" in that it no longer is receiving inputs and no graphics, but the fans are still all running and power is still being supplied. I turn it off by force, turn it back on, and everything is fine again. I would soon find out this would happen for any mixing or matching of any graphics. If I would open League while minecraft would open, crash. Video while playing minecraft, crash. etc, etc. So I chose to take it back in. Both issues confounded them. They did some tests for a few weeks, but supposedly couldn't recreate the different-types-of-media issue. They were able to get the first DVI to output so I could dual screen. According to them, they believed the media issue was being caused from bad installs of flash/java/etc.

I got home again, did a complete reinstall, installed all the drivers, plugins, games, etc. Opened league and minecraft and played for a few minutes before RRRRRRRR dead. Oh well, I thought, I'd just play a game at a time and restart the damn computer each time I wanted to switch. I then hook up my second monitor, now that both outputs work and within minutes....RRRRR crash. So great, whatever the issue is it cant handle more than one type of media AND I cant dual screen. I take it back in again, they say they cant replicate the issue, and then they give it back. At this point I figure they see it happening, but obviously can't figure it out (or dont want to tell me it is an expensive piece they dont want to cover). Whatever.

So I live with the problem for a few years. For the most part I can avoid it happening, but sometimes I forget and it happens again. Some new trends are occurring: (1) It doesnt matter if I play two media types hours apart, if it is part of the same session it will crash, (2) 1 in every 20 crashes is an upgraded version of the crash, all USB ports de-power and won't power back on with the rest of the computer for start up (it usually will start working again after an hour of completely unplugging the power), and (3) sometimes if I left the computer on for longer than normal (between work and play) it would just crash.

SIDE NOTE: by now you may notice im throwing the word "crash" around. I do mean, in this context, the everything going out but the fans and power itself, not an actual full on crash. I would also like to add that while ive had blue screens, it's only been a handful of the hundred times the other one has occurred.

Anyway, coming closer to present times, I finally got enough opinions over the years to be confident that it is either an issue with the graphic card's RAM, the card itself, or the power supply. So I save some money and do the next best step: I buy a power supply with almost twice the power and switch out my graphics card for a same model one my friend had from his 100% working-no-issue computer. After some tests I find that the changes did help, but not a lot...it just takes longer now to trigger the damn crash. The next suggestion from the tech people I take the thing to is to just get a different graphics card. Perhaps it is some weird interaction between that model and my motherboard/drivers. So I upgrade! Woo! Well, this nice beauty of a card (970) STILL IS HAVING THE ISSUE.

Now onto the more expanded TL;DR: My computer crashes when I use two different media types in the same session, whether at the same time or hours apart. Neither the graphics card nor the power supply are the issue. Ive changed out screens, video output types, mice, keyboards, had the entire computer rewired, paid over $200 over 8 years to have techs look at it, and no one, NO ONE, can figure out the problem.

Clearly if we can't physically figure it out, perhaps YOU, Reddit, can figure it out in theory. At this point I'm told my best option is to just buy a new shell/motherboard and move over the HDD, my graphics card, and my power supply into it (after all, I am using like a pentium processor...time to upgrade to i5/i7 probably). But I just don't want to drop another $400 for it to happen again.



May 12, 2011
Sounds like the typical stress/heat related issue of faulty hardware.

I would have initially suspected the video card, especially in regards to the one DVI port not working. But aside from that, you are left with power or the motherboard.

In regards to replacing the motherboard, keep in mind you will also need the cpu and RAM.

Also, in regards to the power supply, the actual power rating isn't always accurate and thus relevant. Quality (power) is much more important than the size rating.
Apr 22, 2008
U said U bought the computer pre-made in 2009 from
a local shop with a bad reputation.
U didn't get any kinda warranty for the computer? ??
IT'S 2015..........
give the computer to a local recycler in
your area if there is one.
these parts are old & possibly broke so I wouldn't feel
right to even sell them on E-BAY


Jan 2, 2001
OK, you are asking about 6yr old parts [that are used for gaming] It is time to replace the system ie new mb, cpu, ram, and pw supply. If you have a decent case with good airflow and good cable mgt, you can reuse the case. If it is a cheap case, then you need a new case as well.
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