Customizing one folder customizes 2 folders (...\ShellNoRoam\Bags\...)

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Jan 16, 2007
It seems when I have a problem it is a problem no one else has as when I google I can't seem to find anyone asking a similar question.

First, the hard drive in question...

80GB FAT32; 167,398 files; 12,944 folders
this is not my boot drive - it is my 2nd physical drive which I use for storing data
I have Windows XP Pro installed on 1st physical drive

Second, the problem...

On maybe two dozen of the folders I have used the Customize tab to choose a picture to display to make the contents of the folder easier to discern at a glance. This worked out quite well except when I customize one of the folders it displays that thumbnail on the folder I customized and another folder which I did not customize.

I searched the registry for the name of the JPG that I used to customize the folder and found the following registry key:


in this key the following entry exists:

Logo REG_SZ E:\Docs\Track001\SRV\M\05_S_12.jpg

this is obviously the registry entry that controls the customized view for this folder.
BTW, the folder I customized is E:\Docs\Track001\SRV\M.

The strange thing is that another folder (E:\Docs\Track004\SRX\V\V3x) gets customized with this same picture.

If I reset EITHER folder to default or change the custom picture on EITHER folder then the ...\Bags\1533\Shell\Logo key gets changed.

I would think that 1533 would only point to one folder and not both of these folders.

I did try deleting the registry key altogether and then customizing the M folder so that the registry key would be re-created. Unfortunately I had the same results.

The only thing that did work, and it is a poor solution, is renaming the V3x folder. For whatever reason if I rename this folder then the folder no longer retains the same customization aspects as the M folder. This is a poor solution as the names, although meaningless in appearance to anyone else, are not meaningless to me.

It is quite annoying as I do not want a picture displayed on the V3x folder and having the wrong picture displayed is even more annoying.

Has anyone else ever experienced this or is it possibly a bug due to the large number of folders and files I have on this drive? Possibly some OS limitation? I checked the number of Bags entries in my registry and they are numbered from 1 to 4953.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
Dec 1, 2005


I am guessing that windows is parsing the second location..srx\v... as congruent to ...srv..ignoring the backslash for some reason and skipping the x to read..srv\v3x.

You could test by temporarily renaming files and/or directories after backing up your reg, of course.


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Jan 16, 2007
moper said:
You could try increasing the Bag Mru Size from 5000 to 8000. This regfile will do it automatically:Increase folder view size limit to 8000

Item #2, left side.

Thanks for the reply and the tip. The funny thing is I already had that page saved in my Favorites and didn't realize it.

I first tried manually editing the registry and changing the 2 values of BagMRU Size found to 8000 so that I wouldn't lose my existing folder customizations, but this didn't work. So i had to run the script and go back and change all of my customized folders again... what a pain.

The real annoying thing is that I'm going to have this problem again in the future because by searching the web for "maximum bagmru size" it seems there is a concensus that 8000 is the maximum. With over 15,000 existing folders on my 3 partitions this won't cut it. Additionally, I frequently create temporary folders for moving files around and after deleting these folders the registry doesn't remove the bag entries (I experimented after running the script to find this out.) So I need a bagmru size of about 50,000 LOL.

But at least this fixed the current problem. Thanks.
Jun 27, 2007
Billybobaloo -

I ran across your post on this issue. I had the same problem, and you are right - it is evidently not a common one. I think that is because most people do not move folders around, as I will explain.

In a folder tree, there are what I call Parent folders and then their Children (subfolders). Like you, I frequently move files and folders around; sometimes moving a subfolder away from its original parent folder.

If you customize a folder in Properties, NEVER, NEVER check the item: "Also apply this template to all subfolders". If you do, the subfolders get their customization from the same BAGMRU as the Parent you customized. Then, if you later move a subfolder somewhere else, the link back to the Parent folder's settings is still retained. It should not, but it still does.

If you later change one folder's settings, it still changes the other, even if you later uncheck the "Also apply..". It gets stuck.

My problem got so bad, I even had changes to my Windows folders, like My Music - which does not even have a Customize tab in Properties! I had to edit the registry to fix it.

If your situation is really bad, you have to delete all the BAGMRU settings in the registry and start all over. You can reset all the folders this way and redo the customization. Just do not check the "Also apply..".
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