Did copy/paste of files and undo but now files gone

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Apr 18, 2010
I'm going to try and not make that mistake of not providing detailed information as to what happened. And I hope that someone out there can read through this challenge and be deemed THE ULTIMATE PROBLEM SOLVER by explaining exactly what happened and finding a practical solution to recovering my missing files. =)

Here's what happened broken down to the details:

0. I’m using Windows XP Professional
1. I placed my Micro SanDisk card from my cell phone into an adapter that can be read by my SanDisk card reader.
2. I attached my SanDisk card reader to my computer.
3. Copied [ctrl-c] Folders 1 & 2 from SanDisk and pasted [ctrl-v] to Folder A on my computer
4. Went to Folder 1 that I just pasted in Folder A and opened its files one by one
5. Verified all files were pasted properly
6. Deleted contents of Folder 1 of SanDisk (did not delete Folder 1, just contents). Confirmed "Yes" to deletion.
7. Went to Folder 2 of SanDisk and cut contents [ctrl-x]
8. Before pasting the contents to a Folder B on my computer, I changed my mind
9. Went back to Folder 2 of SanDisk and hit ctrl-z to undo cut
10. But hitting ctrl-z did not undo the cut, instead it removed Folders 1 & 2 (the folders I just pasted) from Folder A on my computer
11. Assuming I must not have hit ctrl-x to cut contents of Folder 2, I wondered why ctrl-z didn't undo my last function which was deleting files from Folder 1 of SanDisk.
12. I looked in Folder 1 of SanDisk and nothing was in there.
13. Went back to Folder A, to see if Folders 1 & 2 were actually not there. They weren't.
14. Started to get concerned--where are the files and folders I pasted into Folder A?
15. I opened Folder 2 of SanDisk--the files I cut were in fact not there.
16. So I assumed I did in fact successfully cut those files. But why didn't ctrl-z undo the cut when that was the last thing I did?
17. Why did it undo the paste of Folders 1 & 2 into Folder A on my computer?
18. Or why didn't it undo the delete of contents of Folder 1 from SanDisk?
19. What is the logic behind all this?
20. I right-clicked Folder 1 of SanDisk and Folder A of my computer to see available functions
21. With both folders, I did not see undo cut or undo delete
22. I did see that Paste was available
23. I wondered to myself, would it paste the contents of Folder 2 or paste Folders 1 & 2 from step 3?
24. Before pasting, I checked the Recycle Bin just to see if somehow my missing files were there.
25. There were 3 items in there; none were these folders/files.
26. Also before pasting, I did research on a different computer to see what could have happened, why did ctrl-z remove my files from Folder A but not bring back files that were deleted from Folder 1 of SanDisk?
27. In my search, I found so many postings/issues online. It was hard to find one that matched my problem exactly.
28. I did a search to see if a Windows clipboard exists.
29. I did find a clipboard program and opened, Clipbook Viewer.
30. Before trying to figure out if this in fact is the tool I need to solve my problem or how to use it, I decided to retrace my steps to figure out if executing the paste would in fact paste Folders 1 & 2 from step 3.
31. After retracing steps, I figured there's a chance it would paste Folders 1 & 2 and its contents.
32. So I did the right-click again in Folder A and selected paste.
33. Folders 1 & 2 did in fact paste BUT THEIR CONTENTS DIDN'T--no files were in the folders.
34. It doesn't make sense; why would it paste the folders without its contents?
35. Where are my files?

Currently, I'm using another computer for this posting. I am trying not to touch the other computer so that I wouldn't accidentally overwrite my files that could possibly be retrievable in a clipboard.

So if someone could explain to me what happened and how to practically find my files, ESPECIALLY the files of Folder 1, I would rate you THE ULTIMATE PROBLEM SOLVER!

If you require more than that, let me know. I would really like to show my appreciation. =)

- Bansari
May 5, 2010
Hmm a number of simple mistakes could have been made....

Sometimes files and folders on an external hardrive can repeat a memory or history of something being done before. an example of the phenomena would be if you deleted, moved, copied, pasted or cut files or folders from you external hardrive on a computer but then use it on another, you may find files replaced or if you deleted you may then see the files in the current computers recycle bin... I know you may not face done that exactly but they seem to have a mind of their own...

Unconciously, you may fear pressing Ctrl + D after Ctrl + C, and in effect when you go to press Ctrl + V you hit the D instead of the V without noticing.. Kinda like thinking about what you may say, but blurrting out something entirely different... With that you would assume the files would just go to recycle bin. but some external hardrives and USB disks have a setting to just permanantely delete the files. or even your system setting on PC may have that.

Clicking Crtl + X but then accidently hitting the mouse key to cut again or even forgetting you did will in the first place can cause files to be deleted and if memory ran out can't be undone..

All pretty unlikely scenarios.... But to prevent it

Trying using mouse for the 3 simple cut, copy, paste controls..

or open both the location folder and destination folders (you can minimise both to a size to have them next to each other or allow them or one to be minimised in task bar) Then select and highlight the files or folders you want to move/cut/copy from the location folder - hold and drag cursor along with the files on to the destination folder on the task bar and await for it to appear (pop up) before letting go of cursor. files will start copying automatically. and or selected files, right click, hit move to, and browse and choose the destination folder from there and hit ok...

I know you probably know these ways, but i assure you they do prevent mishaps like yours...

In reality instead of fussing and causing potenially more issues. You could have ran a search in drives or folders for the files....
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