England vs Turkey match


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Mar 19, 2001

Is anyone here watching it? I am, just after the Scotland match at 3.

Its the most tensest (sp) game ever, as we have been told that no England fans can go. However, a few may have slipped thru.

I hope nothing happens, as we'll be out of the Euro 2004, and 2 years of international football. But, if that does happen, Turkey should be banned as well.

It does nothing for both sides if violence erupts.

This is the latest in the news:

Forty-three England football supporters are being deported from Turkey ahead of the Euro 2004 qualifying match.
Two other fans who defied official warnings not to travel to Turkey are being detained at Istanbul's airport.

The strict measures are in place to ensure no violence flares at the match, which starts at 1800 BST on Saturday.

The 43 fans had been "found seats on aeroplanes to go back," said David Swift, head of the English policing team in Istanbul.

By 1200 BST, some had already arrived back at London's Heathrow Airport.

Security is tight in the city with thousands of Turkish police on duty to prevent any trouble between rival fans.

'No criminal behaviour'

The 43 deported supporters had arrived from various place, not all directly from the UK, Mr Swift said.

"They have not been guilty of any criminal behaviour, it is just that the government and police service here adopted the approach where they refused them access," he said.

The deported fans, all men aged between 20 and 35, were not on a list of 1,800 banned people, he said, but the measures were appropriate given previous violence.

"The best way to reduce disorder is to make sure the fans do not come alongside each other."

England had refused tickets for the match against Turkey amid fears of violence, but some fans may try to buy them unofficially.

Police believe fewer than 200 England fans may have entered the country, compared with 15,000 England fans who usually travel to major games abroad.

Mr Swift branded those trying to get to the ground "damned irresponsible".

"They are not doing us any favours as British subjects," he added.

Travel warning

Turkey had said UK nationals believed to be heading to the match would not be allowed to enter the country.

Two fans were deported on Thursday because they were on a police list of "known hooligans".

A Home Office spokeswomen said: "We have strongly advised people not to travel and not to put their safety at risk.

"That message has been heeded by the vast majority of people, and there are very few here.

"If people want to try to travel here against the strong warnings they have received... then they know what to expect from the Turkish authorities."

Loyal fan

One England supporter who managed to enter Turkey described the Football Association (FA) as "a third security force".

The fan, named only as "David", said: "I've been supporting England for 20 years, I've been to most of the games, if not all of them, away and I don't see why I should stop now.

"As a loyal football fan, why shouldn't I be allowed to watch football in any country I choose to watch it in?", he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Although David did not have a ticket for the game, he said he expected no problems in obtaining one.

Adrian Bevington, head of media relations for the FA, said: "Thankfully most supporters seem to have listened to the strong recommendations from the government, police and ourselves.

"We would like to re-enforce the message to any fans still considering travelling to Istanbul, clearly the Turkish authorities are fulfilling the commitment they made at the recent meeting with Uefa and ourselves in Geneva."

But Kevin Miles, chairman of the Football Supporters' Association, said it was a shame the fans were being refused entry to the country.

"It's a sad state of affairs when the desire only to go to a football match is sufficient to have you deported from a country," he said from Istanbul.

Police presence

Istanbul police spokesman Feyzullah Arslan said more than 5,000 officers would be on duty at the Sukru Saracaoglu stadium on Saturday.

Fans would be searched "one by one" before they could enter, Mr Arslan said.

"Anyone who starts any incidents will be removed at that instant from the stadium."

BBC correspondent in Istanbul, Jonny Dymond, said on Saturday morning there were three cordons around the stadium, each carrying out identity checks, with a further 1,000 police inside.

The strict measures have been adopted following animosity between the two sets of fans when trouble flared at the England-Turkey game in Sunderland in April.


Me and my mate will watch it, and the berr is chilling in the fridge, whichever way it goes. Happiness or sorrow.

I'll be here tomorrow, with hopefully some good news. Its live on Sky at 6, which I'm watching.

Jun 9, 2003
Sorry Eddie

Not a soccer supporter, but I think the FA ducked their responsibilities about this.

If Ferdinand didn't report for his drugs test, he should have not been allowed to play.

Just like F I (my main love was motor sport - until that little weasel Eccelsetone, highjacked it and the drivers - being paid FAR TOO MUCH - now dictate terms to the organising authority, the FIA) soccer is now bowing to the demands of the over-paid players.

England ought to have either fielded a second rate team, or not attended.

Trouble is, far too many people would have lost far too mcuh money!

Insofar as hooliganism is concerned, I have maintained for years, that the thuggish nature of football, as it now manifests itself, is only worsened by the behaviour - on and off pitch - of the players.

Should all be locked up!

Me, I'm watching - between working :D - the Rugby World Cup!

Sep 28, 2003
@eddie - agree 100% m8y

You from Bradford - me from Sheffield

Cheers - oldie
Jun 8, 2003

Watched the game. There were some silly goings-on, but they got through, so all is well.

I wonder how Beckham can hold his temper, the way he is targetted, and he lost it to some degree today. What's the next match?



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Mar 19, 2001
We're Thru!!!!!!!!!

My head hurts...can't be the beer I had last night :p

Very fragile today.

Penny, we play in the Euro 2004 in Portugal next year.

I'll be watching any matches that Sky has for my 2 other teams I follow: Bradford City and my home town, Chester City.


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