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For WinME Users Only...

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Reviews' started by aarhus2004, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. jp1203


    Jul 20, 2005

    Hey Ben-

    Just letting you know that I love this thread. I keep it bookmarked and read all the updates for whenever I get a WinME machine to work on (most are XPs currently). Some really helpful stuff here.

    By the way, I love how you format your posts (with the links mostly). I'm just too lazy to do that :p Mostly, all I take the time to do is throw some random links in as URLs, but yours are so much easier to read and just overall better. Great job with the whole thread and collection of info. (y)
  2. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello Joe,

    That was precisely what I needed to lift my spirits. In consequence I found myself in one of my favourite places. I call it Lost. I started off in Wild Peru and, liking what I could see, stayed awhile and reflected on places we have called Home and places we do call Home and the people forever associated with them.

    Your impulses do you credit and your posts give pleasure..

    Thank-you, Joe.

  3. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    The POST numbers are links. And all other links given are revisions. In some instances, where the post is a brief one, I have given all the information contained in the original. Tips/Tweaks in RED are deemed significant.

    POST 1... "For WinME Users Only"

    Jack Gulley's web page on WinME which prompted this thread. Here

    POST 3... "More Millennium"

    On System Restore - a link to an excellent thread in TSG. Here. And one to the site of an MVP who specialises in System Restore problems - Noel Paton. Here.

    POST 16... "For the Faithful"

    The Delindex Link (The best clean-up WinME freeware) & The RegSeeker link (tweaks and registry clean) New Version here & Old Version here

    POST 17... "ME Talk"

    Boot Log Examiner (How does your computer fare on Startup?) - Link.
    ScanDefrag (automated Disk Cleanup, Scan Disk and Disk Defragment freeware) - Link
    MS Splash Screen remove on Boot-up - Tip/Tweak
    Shortcuts to Shutdown and Restart - Tip/Tweak
    Enabling DMA - Tip/Tweak and a Link
    Expanding Control Panel - Tip/Tweak
    The second great WinME Tips/Tweaks website - Link.

    POST 24... "In Post #17" above

    ShellIconCache (remove/resize/restore). The link given in this post to the Microsoft Community Newsgroups is now obsolete. Do this: Go to Start > Search > enter: shelliconcache. If the folder returned is larger than is reasonable (say 1,000kb or more) delete it and re-start. Windows will recreate the folder and reduce its size. N.B. This is a hidden system folder so you will have to unhide those. Go to Start > Settings > Folder Options > View and scroll down to the appropriate settings (there are three of them). See flavallee's Sticky this forum here.

    POST 30... "Some Useful Links"

    Various links, including the excellent vb2java cleanie freeware - link and a revised link to HijackThis 1.99.1 Here.

    POST 35... "Where is My Product Key?"

    Product Key: find it if it exists! - link
    'Bills Way' - link to his (Bill's) visual basic freeware site especially his RegSrch.vbs registry search one. Use this after un-installing anything - you will be surprised & it's very simple to use. Here.

    POST 43... "Problems with Symantec Norton Anti-Virus?"

    Link to MS Newsgroups for WinME listing these categories... Applications. Display. Games. General. Hardware. Internet. Movie Maker. Multimedia. Networking. New User. Power Management. Printing. Setup. System Tools.
    Also: About Norton A/V and McAfee A/V (as resource hogs and trouble-makers)

    POST 46... "Perhaps of Interest to WinME Users"

    "Bare Essentials" (Some ideas on Security - mine).

    POST 52... "Assorteds"

    Virtual Memory Management.
    Active Scripting Disablement (One of the most interesting of the WinMe tweaks!).
    DirectX check-out (Is yours working efficiently?)
    Startup Axis (Don't burden your computer from the word 'Start').
    Maintenance of software/hardware - routines. And a very good website on cleaning. Here.
    Tweaks re resource excess usage.

    POST 57... "Take Care When Applying Tags"

    Take care when applying the TAGS in creating a post in TSG.

    POST 65... "By Way of Information"

    This forum and its original purpose (a nag). A Sun Java important update. and a revision - here to moderator dvk01's post on the need to update Java (re: Vundo infections).

    POST 77... "Password Protection for WinME"

    Desktop Locker v1.0 freeware (prevent easy access to your desktop) - here.

    POST 82... "Security: A Personal View"

    A final (well almost! :D ) word on my security thinking.

    POST 83...

    Lightning fast menu display - your choice of lightning speed or less.

    An intro. to jv16pt originally a freeware registry cleaner (and still one of the best). It is available here. Version 1.3.

    POST 84... "Security Anyone???"

    Search engine searching - risks disclosed - BBC Tech Article here re: Risky search engine terms.

    POST 93... "Testing and Testers"

    Testers and Testing - RAM, Hard Disk and Sun Java. Links.

    Only links 1 and 2 work today. The Maxtor and Western Digital HD testers may still be available - please look for them, beginning at the pages to which the links I gave will take you.

    POST 94... "Rootkits - For the Security Conscious"

    A review of Rootkit Detector Software (Based on TSG thread here).

    POST 100... "Updates and a Caution. Removing those Index.dat files"

    Windows Updates Catalog for use if you do a Format and Install of WinME. Here.

    POST 108... "For those in fear and trembling"

    Two quotes. Honest, I failed to use the quote tags on the second, which, while somewhat re-assuring, is a bit mixed-up! The quote I mean. I hope. :D
    P.S. in a whisper - I think it maybe acredited to Noel P. MVP.:p

    POST 109... "Rename Recycle Bin"

    Renaming your Recycle Bin. Here.

    POST 110... "Current List of Applied MS Hotfixes for WinME"

    The Windows Millennium Complete list of Updates as in June '06.

    POST 118... "A Rant known as "Threats - Known and Not So"

    POST 121... "The ZERT Patch"

    Zert patches for older Windows versions incl. WinME. Thanks Tom (otuseclat79).
    There appears to be a problem with the test site which is accessed via the Zert homepage - this in August 2007 - to be updated.

    POST 134... "Stickies"

    Re the Sticky here in this 'Tips and Tricks' forum. A clarification of which is given in this post (134).

    POST 139... "The Resource Issue in Windows 9x"

    The Resource Issue in Windows 9x. With links to expert opinion and guidance.

    POST 151... "Illumination by Song and Dance"


    POST 153... "A little of this and that"

    The new RegSeeker. Link,
    Uninstalling WMP9. Link,
    More on Rootkits. Link,
    AVG Free to remain available. Link.
    Streaming Video. Suggestions. And this update: When logging-in to a stream make sure your I.E.6 settings under Security > Internet > Custom > Settings > Folder Options > View and scroll down to the appropriate settings (there are three of them). See flavallee's Sticky this forum here.

    POST 158... "Prettier and prettier"

    Two of the best and most useful freewares - from Mike Lin - StartUpCPL and StartUp Monitor here.

    POST 161... "Don't update this video card!"

    IF you don't have an ATI video card then skip this post. However if you do have one and it is an ATI Rage 128 GL SD AGP or the PRO version of that card or the Rage Fury, then this post may be of serious interest.

    POST 172... "WordPad & its default font"

    "As a comparatively confused novice in the more esoteric innards of WinME I have managed to find a way of getting a satisfactory outcome for myself. When I click on a Desktop shortcut to WordPad it opens to my preferred Font, Style and Size..."

    POST 176... "Sun Java Updates - A revision"

    On the Sun Java Runtime for Millennium - Links (lotsa).

    Oh Sun Java... The third link in the post is incorrect now - just ignore it. (n) :rolleyes

    POST 183... "Threats to MS Word... "

    "Triple threat targets Word users". Here.

    POST 184... "Format and Install Windows Millennium"

    On Formatting C: and Re-installing Millennium. And Links.

    POST 185... "Partitioning a Hard Disk"

    On Partitioning or Re-partitioning a Hard Drive. And lotsa Links.

    POST 186... "Those Confounded Settings in Internet Explorer 6"

    On the settings in I.E.6 and O.E.6. Link.

    POST 191... "The most amusing and puzzling MS solution".

    Yuk, why do I need "Shortcut to" as well as an arrow?

    POST 192... Don't go to this post.The link given below is correct.

    Keep your computer clock set with the accuracy of the atomic clock from here.

    POST 198... Some observations, tips and so forth...

    POST 199... "Virus alert for Europeans & all of us"

    Here and here.

    POST 200... "Stashing the Millennium Updates"

    POST 201... "Sizing the tree"

    Another superb freeware. An earlier version (my preference) here. Current version here.

    POST 202...

    The best way to to stash the Windows Updates. Thanks ekim68.

    POST 209... "The whole world. A patch for all"

    POST 216... "Pre-post pacification? Check. Checks OK" Sun Java up to its old tricks - with me at least. An updated version 5.0 Update 11. But see also Post 241 below.
    And an attached Sun Java removal tool - just in case!:D

    POST 217... "HijackThis x 2"

    POST 218... "Treating your WinME machine to two probably needed specials"

    (Cleaning the CPU fan and replacing the CMOS battery)

    POST 221... "Security and Mozilla Firefox"

    Security. Mozilla Firefox the great one. The Beeb (BBC) and a con. The first link to the BBC is here revised.

    POST 223... "Relationships - CMOS and Battery, BIOS and... "

    POST 224... "The latest".

    New version ScanDefrag. The 'walk the dog' and 'let it work and shutdown the rig' - no-problem super- efficient freeware. And a decision about which of two HijackThis' to use.

    POST 225... "The learning never stops"

    The APPLOG and its potential for causing problems. I have, obviously, an interest in either voodoo or in birds of a different feather. Or both! :) It's a spell check for O.Express and a very good one.

    POST 229... "More on the Applog"

    The registry tweaks which prevent further logging. Links.

    POST 231... "Re-thinking the Applog, TaskMonitor and Defragmenting"

    A mind changes.

    POST 237...

    ekim68 (Mike) shares some of the insights gained in his work as a Computer Technician and

    POST 238...

    Mike again.

    POST 241...

    Update 12 to J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 11 and tips for installing it - and subsequent ones too. This is still current (Aug 01)

    POST 243...

    More Mike.

    POST 244... "On Old Version.com"

    And a quote plus a revised link:
    POST 251...

    Stoner (Jack) looks at things to come... and

    POST 252...

    More Jack.

    POST 253...

    Mike joins in... and again.

    POST 254... Here.

    POST 261...

    Mike shares more of his experience.

    POST 264... "As promised"

    The Power Supply. A Saga. Viruses !! Recovery Disks. Do not attempt to clean your optical scroll-wheel mouse!

    POST 265...

    Stoner (Jack) responds to the above post 264.

    POST 266...

    On a Router (quoted below). And a link to an interesting thread elsewhere in TSG.

    "And as for the router question I mentioned here (scroll way down) I think it resolved. I now believe it safe to say that the settings/configs of a (working) router do not include any which render it useless and working. See this thread here"

    POST 269... "Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File"

    A Host's File Recommendation and a Link.

    POST 272... "Last resort - recovery and more recovery"

    A request for info.

    POST 273...

    JStergis (Joe) Responds with 'Acronis TrueImage 7'.

    POST 274 and POST 275...

    We sort it out!

    POST 277... {i]"Acronis TrueImage 7"[/i]

    My summation of the sort-out. :D

    POST 279...

    In Memoriam - Marlene.

    POST 280 and POST 281

    Tributes from ekim68 and Skivvywaver

    POST 282... "Another (and better) Spell Checker"

    An excellent Spell Check from PalWare. The APSC 4.0here.

    POST 283... "A folder locker"

    Instant Lock.

    This works very well. Is a freeware and available here.

    I should perhaps add that the folder which is locked may be viewed in terms of its content (after the application of the password) but when locked is invisible!

    P.S. A challenge. Where does the folder exist when invisible? Can you find it? I can't. I decided to risk all (well almost all!) I 'locked' My Documents. That was interesting. I did a registry restore. Still invisible. I felt a little panic. I was obliged to say Yes to a question my whole impulse was to say No to. The docs were found in a folder called iRECOVER on C: and I copied them back to C:\My Documents - and deleted the iRECOVER folder.

    Is it truly a freeware? In case it isn't I shall only play with it for the thirty days mentioned on the NAG window which appears on closing it. And an update. I e-mailed PCWin for confirmation about the'freeware' status - no reply at this posting.

    McAfee's Site advisor had this to say about the download site (the above link) here.


    POST 286... "The magic and the mystery"

    The vB Code is the magic. Firefox (the latest version BTW) is, for me, still the mystery.


    Not the subject of a POST in this thread but neverthess meriting a mention here:

    "Security Best Practices . . ." here (in this forum) by BobJam (BJ) (together with the input of others) making for interesting, informative and concise reading on fundamental security issues and practices.

    And finally:

    Java Update to Update 12?... Not on 1-AUG-07 :D

    My thanks to all contributors to this thread.

    With best wishes, (y)

  4. Blue Zee

    Blue Zee

    May 18, 2007
  5. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello Zee,

    No, this one.

    Thanks for the input nonetheless.

    Can you help with my post in All Other Software? Here. I don't know how to proceed short of a format/install. Please.
    Or this one in Web and Email?

    Thanks, Zee.


  6. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello WinME Users,

    I must give credit to jeffD006 (jeff) who found this tool.

    On this most interesting and comprehensive list of freewares available website here. And under:
    Internet Freeware Utilities

    Available here, this tool will copy entire or part of (user designated) websites with ease and without problem for the user. I use it so I can say that with confidence.

    I hope you too, will enjoy and benefit from using it.

    Cheers. (y)


    P.S. If you use Panda On-Line Scan and Firefox and Panda reports Foxfire cookies in your Appliication folder like these:

    Incident Status Location

    Spyware:Cookie/Com.com Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8ho2x01u.default\cookies.txt[.com.com/]
    Spyware:Cookie/Atlas DMT Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8ho2x01u.default\cookies.txt[.atdmt.com/]
    Spyware:Cookie/2o7 Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8ho2x01u.default\cookies.txt[.2o7.net/]
    Spyware:Cookie/Overture Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8ho2x01u.default\cookies.txt[.overture.com/]

    It's just acting out.

    Wouldn't you know? (y) :D

  7. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello WinME Users,

    Although I have had some minor incidents of the refusal of the 'deleteds' to seek a home on the "blank" parts of the hard disk nothing has prepared me for this sterner refusal as experienced by idar (on his WinMe machine) in his thread here.

    In case you prefer the shorter approach:

    Here is the problem as stated.

    Here is the problem's solution (by Blue Zee) and here is idar's confirmation.
    And if you are puzzed about how the word "trash" came up - look here.

    One for this record, I think.


  8. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello WinMe Users,

    This post, in the main, is for those users of WinMe who have years of experience of using this particular operating system and have some confidence in their ability to resolve most of the problems they encounter - of all kinds. For them it is essentially a review of a freeware and a source of a reasonably good assessment of the output of a very common freeware which we use.

    For other users whose normal experience is of the Nasties associated with taking the many risks associated with using the net I urge you to read Cookiegal's Sticky and locked Post here, and the Sticky posts above it also.

    I have found that when my system is running well (most of the time) I have the opportunity to explore further ideas for material for this thread of mine which grows and grows (the summaries taking longer and longer!). I take pleasure in this.

    I offer now a review of a piece of freeware (in the true sense of the word - although purchase is possible of some 'advanced features'). I regret I cannot give credit to the post in these forums which introduced me to it. I have, simply, forgotten. :)

    SUPERAntiSpyware (Free edition)

    This freeware is one portion of a software offered by Superadblocker.com.
    Attached please find a gif of the GUI of the freeware.

    Snapfiles (famous in my book for their lists of freewares of quality - I trust them implicitly) but enough background!

    I am using this freeware regularly - therein lies the contradiction - for my security philosophy suggests I don't use any, however this is not to say I am not interested in it. For I am. I am enjoying checking it out and so far I think it excellent. Read some reviews of it (scroll down the first Snapfiles link given above).

    I have long used Merijn's HijackThis (current and final version 1.99.1 here). because I like the idea of having a check of precisely what is loaded onto my computer in terms of helper objects, my own Trusted Sites list and much more. I am aware that the analisys of the output log of HJT is best left to the security qualified however I decline to believe in the implication that the rest of us cannot learn. However, that said, I find it interesting to see what sites have to say about what I know to be safe, and currently am offering this site my HJT logs for analysis. The site is, so far, right-on with its summation.

    Cheers, (y)

  9. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    see my post above or click here.

    Hello WinMe Users,

    This old man grows forgetful. Herewith THE GUI and others. I like this freeware more and more - it is so undemanding simple and efficient.

    The cookie atdmt.com comes courtesy the BBC who ignored my email of weeks ago. So I was aware of that one.
    The other, 2o7[2].txt is new to me.

    Cheers, (y)


    Attached Files:

  10. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello WinMe users,

    If you are not, as yet, using the Firefox browser - well, I can understand your reluctance. I have resisted doing so for at least 3 years. This in fact is being created on I.E.6. and I wonder just how much longer I shall persist in having the [​IMG] instead of the [​IMG] on my desktop.

    Sometimes posting images in the body of a post can speak volumes and perhaps more effectively than can a slew of words. It is a very handy tool.

    The vB code as outlined here mentions it alphabetically located under [​IMG] and all we need to do is to place the URL of the image between the [​IMG] by choosing, in Mozilla Firefox, "Copy Image Location" and in Internet Explorer "Properties > Address (URL)".

    This is a website page URL http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/6934548.stm

    In Mozilla Firefox a right click on the image and chosing 'Copy Image Location' yields:


    and in Internet Explorer right clicking on the image offers the same link but one which is accessed by clicking on 'Properties' and copying the URL 'Address (URL)' therein i.e.:


    This is an extra step in I.E. but the result is the same, and either will, of course, if placed between tags show this picture:[​IMG]

    A useful tip? I hope. So how did I do it here in Internet Explorer? I 'created' (using screen capture) the images you see above and transferred them to a website I maintain and linked to them in that website by merely copying their URL. (of the page displaying them - this is one of them here) - a very roundabout process. And one that was clearly ridiculous - so I have found out! :eek:

    I attach the substance of my original post (now deleted) in the .txt file below.(n)

    My thanks to lotuseclat79 (Tom) for putting me on the right path.



    Attached Files:

  11. ekim68

    ekim68 Mike

    Jul 8, 2003
    Thanks again Ben. I've been using Firefox for several years now and I've pretty much just stuck with the basics. You given me new toys to play with now. (y)
  12. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Bumpity, bumpity and bump, for Mike and all the other WinMe users.
  13. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello WinMe users,

    An error on my part has rendered the POST 295 above meaningless (in part), owing to the absence of some critical imagery.

    So I have rectified this and the post is now correctly displayed in my quote of it below.

    And I wish to take this opportunity to direct you (if you haven't yet taken advantage of it) to the thread in this forum here. All credit to DNA_Uncut. From the member's responses it appears that these steps (as outlined by DNA_Uncut) do, in fact, speed-up the loading of pages on Mozilla Firefox.

    I hope to have more to say on this since it has been one of the seeming limitations of Firefox. Perhaps it (the speed-up) can be measured?

    Best wishes.


  14. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello WinMe users,

    The thirty-day period having passed since I installed Instant Lock- Lite edition from PCWin here I can now advise that it is indeed a genuine freeware version. The only thing we must must endure in the deliberately slow closure of the 'nag screen' when the Close button is used. A small price since this is not a tool one would use all that often. The delay is a matter of some ten seconds - so I find.


  15. aarhus2004

    aarhus2004 Gone but always remembered Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2004
    Hello again, WinMe users,

    With regard to the speeding-up of Mozilla Firefox (see quote above), the thread mentioned proceeded, as threads tend to do, with more information and an addition to the (elaborate) fix offered by DNA_Uncut - and I, being lazy, opted to use it. I refer to this post in that thread here. Thanks, RSM123, for the link to the download of the "Firefox Preloader".

    However I urge those of you, who may not be entirely comfortable with the I.E./Firefox differences, to download and use the FirefoxPreloaderSetup.exe which is located under 'File Releases' (see attached gif). Install is easy.

    Do I detect any change in the speed of page-loading? Well yes and no. In other words I like to think so but am not certain! :D But as important, is that I notice no snags. So go for it.(y)



    Attached Files:

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