Front headphone jack to rear jack & panel without realtek

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Aug 30, 2018
Hello all and thank you all for reading my thread, before anything sorry for any language errors, grammar .etc!
So once again like the topic suggest's this is the question. How to change headphone front jack to rear jack & panel without realtek?
Is there possibly some other software that could achieve me changing (by software not hardware) the headphone front panel to the rear panel
without paying for new hardware? (Below I've mentioned that I got a cable from the services that they will apply on the pc in the repair center)
I looked at this thread
But I don't know if this will work because I tried downloading realtek for my soundcard and it looks like it doesn't support it.
I also tried installing the realtek program a couple more times but still the same error occured, otherwise it would install and I could run it.
+ I think and fear I may have the same problem where the "set as default" button isn't there because I've had this before many times in the default window sounds tool.
I am trying to find a free solution where I could do the rear port & rear panel thing by software and not having to pay anything "if that's even possible that is" (although the pc repair services are getting me this cable that will be able to do it) I should be getting the pc today but,
They are not sure if the sound will be fixed it would be one of the the main problems that I have been suffering with for over half a year now...
Now I will explain by each point why I need to change the front port to the one at the back of the pc (as well as the panel).
: So basically the front port was having so many problems until it failed completely.
- It started with static noise in the headphones and speakers,
- Then one of the ears not working (for many headphones and speakers I've tried)
- Then it had really low volume for both of the ears (not caused by the headphones but by the faulty pc case itself because it happened for all headphones)
- And eventually the front jack stopped working completely,
From this point I realized it's now related to the components (wait it get's worse)
1 PC CASE (After that other devices were starting to break within the USB ports that were failing related to the PC Case.
2 MOTHERBOARD (The motherboard apparently was the source of the problem but I still don't understand motherboards
so I don't know what the issue is there but this is what he said it links to at the pc repair center when I asked him.
Sorry by the way I really wish I could describe what it is but I will call him and ask him which will might take a while from they're side
but they've really been helpful so far I mean they were able to explain to me what the problem was and how to fix it all.
3 HDD (But the hdd was affecting the mouse and making the mouse cursor stay at one point even though I just moved it and this happens every 3 minutes in the least, I have never had a more annoying problem then this I can't even express how much I hate it especially when trying to play FPS games) = the repair center confirmed the mouse cursor error and he had it too and he then found out it was to do with the slow hdd. Apparently when I brought the pc repair center my pc they immediately had to move the data to a new hard drive because the hdd was badly damaged it was only working 40% or something but luckily the data has not been lost or corrupted pheew)
(I am getting my hdd replaced and they are moving the data to a hybrid drive while they still can since I can't use the SSD as a new hard drive on this old build without completely buying new parts and pretty much buying a whole new pc)
(Also with the old HDD in terms of software I could never defragment my drive no matter how many programs I've used and the times I've used the default defragmenter it would just refuse to work no matter how many times I try or wait...)
4 GRAPHICS (I noticed when I was playing heroes & generals years ago I saw static on the screen but I have been getting it on GTA V
too plus other graphical issues which I can't quite explain or remember. The other thing I can remember though is that sometimes I also see the static on the screen from the front too which is a sign of my graphics card failing apparently from what I've heard too but mainly when I look from a corner I see it with a few exceptions at the front as well)
(I have of course updated the NVIDIA driver but it's annoying having to update it all every single time.
I mean who has time for that anyways I do it when it's necessary, every time I see it I do it but having to do nvidia, java, windows updates, redistributables, intel updates and so much other "updates" stuff to mention? I mean it literary takes hours for me on my slow hdd (especially when I have to work I can't afford to lose time) I I don't know how I even had had patience for this since almost the beginning my pc has been slow and that's since 5 years now...)
The best solution for me would be to get some sort of an auto updater. Most of them though cost money to do the full thing I've tried many of them and I don't really trust it but as long as all the required updates and other importances would get done I wouldn't mind it.
I don't even trust the antivirus I payed for let alone an auto updater which would be forced to download other software I don't won't even though I've clicked decline on the agreeing part but nowadays they literary force it. Don't take me wrong in terms of all that I am just a guy that's trying to have fun with the little spare time I have and to have it ruined by modern technology forces that didn't use to be there before really gets on my nerves especially when I don't understand any of it, no matter how many times I look into it or try to learn I am always let down by the "logic" itself I used to even be someone that was studying it and having fun with it but nowadays I hate technology itself because the nature of bad luck catches up with me and breaks my soul from within sorry I just had to say it.
(Ok so this is how it all started I already mentioned it up but it started with the headphone jack not working and then the USB ports
and devices were braking because of the pc case itself but the rest is mentioned up starting from the headphone jack issues)
What's causing the issue?
Apparently all my problems link to the motherboard and that's the main issue from which all the other problems are offspringing.
SO. With all these problems I might as well get a new pc right?
Well I know this sounds idiotic of me but I have chosen to still use this computer and get the things mentioned below fixed first even though,
I know now I need to get a new pc because they told me they're not totally sure what's the problem themselves but I'd rather get them looking at it first.
So what will they fix exactly?
They have the pc there already moving the data from the old hdd to the hybrid as we speak, it's faster and will solve the mouse cursor problem and then hopefully the sound will be fixed with the extension cable from the rear to the front jack which will fix the sound.
If that won't work which it most likely won't for the mean time (because of the motherboard from which I'd have to repair the whole pc) then I'll consider buying a new PC some time this year but until then I guess I will suffer even more.

Once again thank you for reading this.
I had to express myself fully so sorry if it's too long but I can't really think of a way to make it shorter.


May 12, 2011
I will start by saying that I read only half of the first paragraph.

Having said that, no, there is no universal software that can be used to remap audio ports.

I will add that "Realtek" is a brand of audio chipset. You can only install "Realtek" software/drivers for motherboards that use a Realtek audio chipset. Realtek is not the only audio chipset used by motherboard manufacturers. Also, there are numerous versions of the Realtek software available based on the actual Realtek audio chipset used. Not all of the chipsets or versions of the software support what you are trying to do.

You don't list the motherboard brand/model so I can't confirm which audio chipset you have nor what software/software version you should be using.
This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue. View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site.

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