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Help me get my laptop on line

Discussion in 'Earlier Versions of Windows' started by john1, Dec 26, 2001.

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  1. john1

    john1 Thread Starter

    Nov 25, 2000
    Im trying to get my laptop to connect
    up to the internet using a card modem
    and a little socket on the side
    which looks like the place for the
    phone to plug into.

    But its not the normal phone socket.
    Its a little round hole
    like a sub minature jack plug hole.
    By it is a symbol embossed on the case,
    that looks like a phone keypad.

    Someone told me that it is the place
    for the phone to plug in, but its for a
    mobile phone because its a laptop.

    Thats new to me, but plausible i suppose.
    It sees the modem, and has installed it,
    but it gives the message 'no dial tone'
    Quite reasonable as theres no line on it.

    The laptop is a Compaq LTE Elite 4/75C
    Its old, but still well known.
    I'd like to use the normal land line,
    but if it will only work with a mobile
    then that will have to do.
    Can anyone help me to do this?

  2. Max19

    Max19 Account Disabled

    Jul 31, 2001
    First, that's an extremely old laptop. Do you even have Windows 95 or later on it? I seriously doubt it has a built in modem, but if it does have a "mobile phone" modem built in, you don't want to use it unless you're willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a cell phone and hundreds more per month to use the internet at a VERY slow speed.

    You could try buying a PCMCIA modem for it, but make sure you get one that's compatible with Windows 95 if that's what you're running. New modems may not be.

    "Its old, but still well known."
    The Compaq brand name is well-known, but that laptop is so old I could only find this page for support on their web site.

  3. john1

    john1 Thread Starter

    Nov 25, 2000
    Hello Max,

    I didnt expect a reply so quickly over Christmas,
    hope you have a good break.
    You're quite right, it doesn't have a built in modem.

    I had a look around to see what PCMCIA is and it
    seems to be another word for PC Card.
    So thats the first bit sorted, i have a card modem.

    The Elite is running 95 and it has recognised the
    card modem, and installed it.
    Now i dont know if the card modems for laptops will
    only work mobile phones, or if they will work
    ordinary land line phones. I do have a mobile phone,
    but i would rather use the ordinary phone line.

    Unfortunately, i dont know where to plug the phone
    line into the Elite. I assume that the socket on the
    side is the right place because it has a picture of
    a keypad by it.

    Thanks for the page, if you could find any more info
    i would be grateful. Or if you could tell me if that
    sounds like the right place to put the phone line.
    Or if it doesn't sound like the right place.

    Yes the Elite is old, but there are still quite a
    few in this part of the world. (WH).

    Im gonna try scouting around to see if there any
    web pages that may have anything.

  4. Max19

    Max19 Account Disabled

    Jul 31, 2001
    What is the exact manufacturer and model number of the PCMCIA card modem?

    The phone line either plugs directly into the card or there's a small cable that plugs into the modem which the phone line connects to.
  5. john1

    john1 Thread Starter

    Nov 25, 2000
    Hi Max,

    Looks like you've got that right, I looked
    on the card modem and there is a small plug
    socket that i didn't see before. I just
    didn't notice it. It's obviously the one
    you mean for a telephone plug-adapter.

    The card is a Gold Card Global 56K + Fax.
    The end that goes into the laptop has two
    rows of 35 close pinhole connections, the
    other end has a small gap that i didn't see
    as a plug socket, a sort of edge connector
    with 8 leaves each side, only 10 in use.
    There are various numbers on it,
    and others, but i think thats the place for
    the phone line.

    Any idea where i would get such an adapter?

    Cheers, John
  6. Max19

    Max19 Account Disabled

    Jul 31, 2001
    You left out the most important piece of information about the modem, the manufacturer. I did a web search on the model you provided, and it appears to be made by Psion. Is that correct?

    If you've lost the connector, you could try contacting Psion (if that's the manufacturer) to purchase a new one, but you'll probably end up paying half of what you paid for the modem.
  7. john1

    john1 Thread Starter

    Nov 25, 2000
    Yes it is made by 'Psion Dacom plc'

    It came with the laptop, second hand.
    I'll try to see how much a connector will cost.

    Maybe i could just buy the plug
    from a plug manufacturer and put
    the wire on myself.

    Doesn't sound likely.

    I'll try to get the right fitting, you have been
    more help than Compaq, who are useless.
    Their reply was that the Elite didn't have
    a modem fitted.

    Cheers, John
  8. Max19

    Max19 Account Disabled

    Jul 31, 2001
    john1, allow me to be blunt. I don't think you know enough about computers to be doing any hardware work on them. I have no idea what you're talking about when you say a "plug manufacturer". You MUST have the correct connector made by Psion in order to use that modem. You cannot make something, and you cannot just buy anything that fits.

    Compaq is not useless. Don't blame them for your problems. That computer is ancient. Compaq makes thousands of new products every year, and they're not going to waste their time supporting a computer that is 6 years old.
  9. john1

    john1 Thread Starter

    Nov 25, 2000
    Max, I dont think i will try to connect to it, because its so small.
    However the telephone connection is only two wires.
    And it doesnt mind which way round they go.
    But i dont think i'll try it, cos its so small.

    Most plugs and sockets are bought in to suit, though maybe Psion
    do their own, this one looks like its moulded in. Even small ones
    generally have a name, and can usually be purchased separately.

    The smaller types usually have little teeth or barbs which engage
    with the conductors when the fitting is clamped up. This type dont
    lend themselves to re-use much, and care has to be taken with
    lining up the parts.

    Compaq arent useless of course, but they werent much help either.
    The phone line plugs into the modem, on the card type and the ext
    type that i have been using, as i now see thanks to your help.
    The PC is old, but that arrangement is clearly well known and in
    widespread use. They should have said so.

    Still never mind, i do like this little old laptop.
    Hopefully i will get a suitable connector.

    Regards, John
  10. deuce


    May 26, 2001
    John... Compaq's problems are not your problems, as it seems to have been implied. They are one of the major manufactures... but there PR and tech support are virtually non-existent and they strive very very hard to take the place of Packard Bell. They make their systems so you have to buy all replacement parts and upgrades through them, and considering their prices on that stuff I think it is very selfish and a stupid way to make money. Yes they should have just said "no" but they didn't so it shows how good of a company they are. They should also be supporting your laptop because even though it is 6 years old they sold it to you and have a responsibility to help you out with it... to some extent. Giving you a better response to your inquiry shouldn't have been so hard. They also have this desire to be different than everybody else... even if it means putting out a bad product. They are hard to deal with, impossible to upgrade, and cause more headaches then needed. Thus, they are... truly useless in my book. Of course... that is what TSG is for... and because TSG is as great a place as it is... that is most likely the reason you have over 1000 posts. TSG is glad to have you here, and every person here (except maybe a few individuals at times) is what makes this place so special.

    Good luck getting the modem thing straightened out... happy new year to you and good luck to you in all your future computing needs. :)
  11. john1

    john1 Thread Starter

    Nov 25, 2000
    Hi Mike,

    That is how they come across, i think that its unfortunate that
    they must have decided early on to do as much as possible 'in
    house' and their approach to the way their machines are laid
    out is very sensible in my opinion. they usually include a HD
    partition with useful stuff on it, tools etc.
    A lot of their stuff is only Compaq stuff, this may be cos of
    patents which often interfere with setups that originally look
    sensible and straightforward, then get altered to avoid liability.

    Its true that i shouldnt expect much help for a PC thats over
    5 yrs old, but the question was 'Where do i plug the phone in?'
    I now see that the answer is 'To the modem'
    These cards are still in widespread use, on mine a little cover
    springs back over the opening, and i was looking on the laptop.
    Apparently the cover just rests on the wire and doesnt close
    when the phone line is plugged in. But i didnt know that.
    I heard something about Packard Bell and Compaq, i dont recall
    if it was a merger or a buy out, were you referring to that?

    And youre right about TSG i do like the site and the folks.
    Curiously addictive. Someone else remarked on that once before.
    I'm wondering if its got some kind of subliminal message...
    maybe a flashing beacon at some hypnotic speed ....

  12. john1

    john1 Thread Starter

    Nov 25, 2000
    I have heard back from Compaq again,
    so i really should consider myself lucky.
    It seems they have actually included the name
    of the plug used to connect to the modem.
    So i should be able to order one from a plug dealer.

    Email from Compaq:

    Please retain this line in all replies: <ID:XXXXXXXX>

    If in fact you are using a PC card modem,
    the phone line fits in the (RJ11) jack on the card.
    Remove the card and verify that it is a Modem PC card.
    Also you can check in modem properties to see what
    kind of modem is beig used. Control panel - Modems.

    = Created - [email protected] - 12/21/01 9:44:38 PM =
    Well i had a bit of a look for RJ11 it does seem available,
    i'm still trying to find a pic of it, to be sure its the
    right fitting before i order one.

    Maybe they're not so bad after all

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