How long would you be willing to wait in line?


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Jul 12, 2001
Over this last weekend I wanted to go to this little mall area. A new Krispie Creme store opened. It was the first for Milwaukee and people waited in line for two hours for a doughnut! Am I the only one that thinks this is nuts?

I'm sorry but it's just a doughnut. I've had these doughnuts in other states and their okay but not to wait in line for. So it may not be for doughnuts, how long would you wait in a line????
Jun 14, 2000
The 1st in WA opened a couple of months ago - 3hrs is the norm - nephew and his friends played twister while they waited, young what can i say. no doughnut is that good.

see ya the other side mar
Jul 24, 2001
I hate waiting in lines, especially at DMV !!!! :(

My threshold for line patience is about an hour.


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Jul 12, 2001
With that escort service you must be used to waiting in line.;)
Dec 11, 2001
hmm. I don't think i would wait in line for a donut...

and certainly not KK. ;)
Oct 14, 2001
OMG!! thats as bad as these kids camping on concrete outside the civic center to be in line to get tickets to a concert........... sheese........

I must be getting old

Savvy :)
Feb 1, 2001
Hi everyone,

I agree with littlemar, I have tried Krispie Cream and they are O.K. But there is never a line at the Caseys down the street, and I think they are just as good. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone..........



Now everybody knows how to spell it.

Recently they were passing them out at a Harley Dealership in Scottsdale AZ and they were "just doughnuts" in my estimation.
People are simply Faddish! I guess I'm not People, cause I am generally repelled by whatever is a Fad. I mean, a doughnut yet!

Jul 22, 2001
Since I've taken a long position in KK (stocks that is) I urge everyone to wait as long as necessary. Buy several dozen each time please, I have children to put through college. :D
Sep 19, 2001
So Crumb....Do you & AcaCandy do the "Day Trading" thing together?

She sold off at a profit last week she said....must have forgotten to have told you "loose" that position!;)

it's ok .... estate taxes are on hold for quite awhile:D
Nov 14, 2001
When I lived in Colombia, standing in a line was the rule rather than the exception. There are queues everywhere. Sometimes you get up in the morning just to go someplace to stand in a line waiting for your turn to have or do something. It was really a pain in the neck and other places. There, it just goes without saying. :rolleyes: :(


Aug 20, 2000
The whole deal with Krispy Kremes is that if you don't wait inline they won't be hot and fresh...
so I'm told. Right out of the fryer makes them special.
They're all over the south, and some folks are crazy over them.

I don't know, cuz I wouldn't wait in line for a do-not, either.

Do you actually eat your investments, gbrumb?
Jun 8, 2001

"Sometimes you get up in the morning just to go someplace to stand in a line waiting for your turn to have or do something."

Any special Columbian like activities or things to do while you wait in line?

jimis nephew seemed to have a novel approach as to what to do while waiting in line...............

...."friends played twister while they waited" Twister en Espanol.

DMV someone mentioned earlier...........they would not know how to deal with you unless you had to stand in line first, as they are trained to say "next person in line" and that is a DMV pre-requesite.

The very thought that retail stores spend the big bucks to advertise just to get you to go there and you go there and you gather up what it is you want to buy there and then you want to pay for it and leave right?..............WRONG!!!!
..........sorry today we don't really want to take your money, will you just hang on to it and try standing in line for a while before we take it?...... perhaps we can make you so POd that you'll leave without buying anything.

Restaurants........good ones on a Friday night you wait period. A good trick to know is just wait by the area where they are calling out the names "Johnson party of 2 please" and so on you'll notice that before too long of time they will announce say "Barnes party of 2 please" and you keep an eye on things and whenever they announce it a second time "Barnes party of 2 please"...................... if Barnes party of 2 does not step up you just say........."Barnes right here", and you save all that waiting.

Look if Barnes is not going to show up they are not going to keep announcing it they will merely scratch the name out and go on to the next name.
You want to eat there and you don't want to wait 45min to an hour just go ahead and be Barnes for that night it's Okay really it is.

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