I can't get my 2nd monitor to work

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Jan 10, 2013
I'm back with a new problem that is driving me nuts. I have had 2 monitors hooked up to my computer(s) for many years now. All of a sudden my 2nd monitor stays black and the monitor I do have doesn't work right now either. I know I need to get to the page where it shows the pictures of 2 monitors where one monitor is called 1 and the other 2, and u set up which one u want to be which.

I worked on this problem for hours the other night and I eventually got it to work although using it became a bit more difficult - but I got the 2nd monitor to work too. I thought what I finally did to get it to work was to hit on one of the ways u can bring up settings - and then the 2nd monitor lit up and showed the page I just mentioned in the 1st paragraph.

It was difficult to get to this forum. This is why - I have a lot of shortcut icons on my desktop. I dbl.-click the google search page quite often as the 1st thing I do when I use the computer. It is a Gateway desktop with the OS windows 10 home edition. Now when I try to bring up the google search page....it doesn't come up on the screen....it just shows the icon on the taskbar. I should be able to put it on the monitor from the taskbar....but now that doesn't work either. The taskbar will only let me close the window (which didn't come up), but if I click on close window - the icon on the taskbar goes away.

There are several ways to put up the settings page - but they all do the same thing too. The icon will show up on the taskbar only (the page wont show on the screen). When I put my cursor on it - I can see it is the page about having 2 computer monitors, but I can't open it on the screen. I can just close it on the task bar. The other night when I finally got it to work - I think I typed in the word monitors or 2 monitors where the search box is in the lower left side. I thought I just clicked on the selection it highlighted in blue and when I did - the dark screen finally lit up.

But that isn't working now for some reason. The only to go to this site is by clicking on the Internet Explorer choice on the start menu which opens up to the MSN search function which stays on the monitor....then I type in Google and then when that comes up I have to type in Tech Support Guy & then I get here. I have made sure that all the connections are connected tight.

One thing I've noticed is that the monitor that stays black....the blue light on the bottom right side of the monitor is still blinking on & off. On the monitor that does still light up - the blue light changes to a solid blue which it should. And when I look at the monitor that stays black - the blue blinking light doesn't quite blink the same on like every 4th blink.....it just barely turns blue b4 it goes out.

But it was doing that the other night too. And I was able to get it to work that night after working on it for a couple hours at least. I should have wrote down exactly what I did to get it to work that night. I still think it will work....but I'm just not finding the solution and I'm out of ideas. But the way that the 2nd screen is black now and it is affecting what I can do on the monitor that does work is just so frustrating that it is barely worth it.

Oct 8, 2005
I would investigate your graphics card if you're sure the cables are good, may be overheating (fluff build up) or something.


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Jan 10, 2013
THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY stevecook. I'm going to need to give u some more info. By the way, I would be considered a novice computer user compared to almost everybody at this site. When I was in school, computers weren't around yet.

What I've learned has been a lot of trial & error - I've had no computer instruction but some CD's (or I guess they would be called CDR's) called The Professor Teaches. I'm an older guy who liked to play live poker in poker rooms in AZ casino's. Then I moved to GA which has no Casino's or poker rooms.

So I had heard u could play online for money - so I had to learn how these sites/programs worked to play poker online. So I did that & got interested in some other things I could do with computers.

So where I 1st lived in GA I had Comcast Cable for my TV & Internet. I moved to where I live now a little more than a year ago into a condo building with 10 floors & 300 condos. When I moved I was asked if I wanted their default ISP for my Computer & TV & I said OK because it was a lot cheaper than Comcast Cable.

So I found out that my computer was now Wi-Fi which I didn't know much about & my TV was now Direct TV (but it was the Direct TV that the condo offered - so u got a sheet for what channels u used here for the different stations which wouldn't be the same as people who had Direct TV, but not here).

You also got a remote from the I-T people here (which is 2 guys who handle it all). I called Direct TV once because from time to time there would be a UFC program (which shows the absolute best MMA fighters) & it would be PPV (pay-per-view). When I had Comcast I could order it from my remote.

I found when I called Direct TV - they asked me for my account number. I thought about that until I realized that everybody that took the Default Option which would be a high % would all have the same account number which only the condo I-T guys which there were 2 of...would know.

So everybody had the same Direct TV (the condo's version, & the condo is called Mount Vernon Towers). So nobody could watch PPV & everybody had the same movie channels (HBO & a couple more - a lot less than I had with Comcast). And there was no - On Demand for anything (another big thing that Comcast had).

And they are still showing some of the same movies as when I moved on the movie channels here.

OK - back to the computer. The day I moved here, the guys were hooking up my TV & computer. Later that night I went to use my computer & it said "U are not hooked up to any Networks. So I thought they forgot to hook up my computer.

This was on a Friday & the I-T guys don't work weekends & Monday was a holiday - so it wasn't until Tuesday when one of the I-T guys came up. He worked on it for a while & then called the main I-T guy because assumed he couldn't figure it out.

The main guy comes up & messes around for a while (I think he may have brought some kind of a computer gadget with him. He eventually tells me the Wi-Fi card in my computer was bad. I didn't even know my computer had a Wi-Fi card (I had never used Wi-Fi b4 but I had heard about it & knew people would take their computers to some places like coffee shops that advertised they were good Wi-Fi spots.)

I found it hard to believe my card was bad because the computer was only somewhere around 2 years old. I got it used from my brother-in-law for free & he has an Internet Marketing Business, but this was a desktop computer that he was using at home which he didn't use for business.

SO - WHAT ALL THIS WAS GETTING TO - was that the I-T guy said he could hook something else up to my computer that would work as a Wi-Fi card for $45. I asked him why he wouldn't just replace the Wi-Fi card in my computer that he said was bad - he told me because that would cost $450.

I thought he was joking because even with my limited computer knowledge, that sounded ridiculous. But he was serious - so I of course told him I'd take the $45 thing. It was called a NETGEAR A6200 Wi-Fi Adapter. It is just siting on top of the Computer tower & is plugged into one of the computer outlets.

After this was done - the computer would run - but it was incredibly slower than when I had Comcast cable. My computer is always bringing up a dialog box that asks me if I want to do the latest update now - or do I want to pick a time? The computer will not allow me to do anything until I choose one.

I don't want to choose one because I know it will fail at the very end and then it will say it is now going to put the Operating System back that it couldn't update. I have OS Windows 10 home edition. I researching this and found that only the home version of my OS forces u to choose - all others u can say I will do it when I want to.

The pick a time option only allows u to pick less than a week ahead and it will just start on its won and the process of it doing the update & then fail at the end and then u have to get it to put the version back that it was updating.....this takes 3 or 4 hours. I began to think the reason I couldn't update was because my internet connection was so weak.

Since I had such a limited TV option now compared to when I had Comcast.....I heard about Netflix and it would give me a bunch of content I didn't have now & I could do it on demand.

But then I learned that Netflix worked through your Internet connection & I knew how weak mine was because everything ran so slow. But I figured I'd try Netflix & my Internet Connection would be strong enough to run it or not. And if it was that my internet was too weak to run it.....I would just cancel cause the 1st month was free anyway.


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Jan 10, 2013
If you can't see the 2nd monitor and it is already configured, the windows that you are opening are likely opening on the 2nd screen.

Info on getting the windows to open on the screen that you can see are here: https://www.technipages.com/bring-off-screen-window-back-onto-screen
Hi Oddba11 - I worked on the long reply and went away for a while & then came back & didn't see your post until I finished the long one.

Anyway - I tried what u suggested & it doesn't work and this is why. OK - I can right click the desktop & choose display settings. Remember - my 2nd monitor is totally black & the blue light at the bottom right of it is blinking & it should be solid like the monitor I'm using for this.

When I choose display settings - the icon for it will show up on my taskbar of the monitor that is working. Usually, when u have an icon on the taskbar - u can put your cursor on it & it will show it in a little window above the taskbar icon & u can click on it and it will open all the way and fill the monitor screen. But it doesn't work for the "settings". If I right-click on the "settings" icon on the taskbar 1 of the 3 choices is settings. But if u click on that - it doesn't work either.

I need to put that page on the monitor somehow. The one night I was trying for a couple hours to get the 2nd monitor to work & did, I can't remember how. But I think what happened is that I did something where all of a sudden the page with the monitor settings just showed up on the monitor that was black & not working.

I was somehow able to use both monitors that night - but ever since - the other monitor just sits black all the time.

By the way - I found several ways to get to settings - but every time it just shows up as an icon on the taskbar and u can't get it to switch to the monitor. Also - I can't dbl.-click my shortcut on my desktop to google search to work - probably most desktop shortcuts work anymore.

When I dbl.-click Google search desktop shortcut - it also only goes to the icon on the taskbar. To get anything going on the computer, I have to open the Google Chrome Browser or the Internet Explorer browser.

I still don't remember how I got it to work that 1 time. It might have been when I was typing into the search bar on the start menu the work monitor(s), or how to display monitors, or something along those lines - but I can't really remember with any decent % of certainty.



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May 12, 2011
The icon shows that the app is running. Most likely, it is open on the 2nd screen (which you can't see). The link that I provided above, has a list of numerous ways to move apps back to the primary screen (assuming they are open on the screen which you cannot see).

This could also be the result of a driver glitch (video drivers). But you should get all of the Windows updated before attempting to update video drivers. And you should get the Windows updates installed regardless of this issue.

As for slow internet, the current internet and DirecTV should be an option but not mandatory. First, I would look into using ethernet as opposed to wifi. That will at least ensure you are able to get the maximum speed being provided. Second, I would look into another service. That may or may not be an option depending on contract which you signed.
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