I want to be a geek


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Mar 3, 2004
Alas I am only a nerd. :)

I want to revel in my geekiness. I want to do all things geek.
I want to be included in the things that my geegky friends do but they shun me ! :rolleyes:

They say it is not my fault that I am a nerd and the will sit with me for lunch, but there geek speak goes over my head.

So I tried to be a Jock, but I am a nerd.
The jocks all laughed and called me cruel names. I thought it would be nice to be a jock, then all the cheerleaders would want to date me. But the girls all laughed and called me nerdy names. :cool:

What about a brainiac ?
That sounded good. But boy was that hard work.
All the 2x3 to the power of pie squared. (What's the deal with square pies ?)
The brainiacs tried to teach me, but I had a nervous breakdown. :p

I knew I could be a car guy ! I did some shop.
I know one end of a carburation dongle meter from the other. I could strip down a head, chrome a bumper, fit holeys and my ride was pure cherry.
But they didnt take to some of my Nerdy throwbacks, so they strapped me in a car with suicide doors and custom leather interior in fuscia, and left in for the police to find. (n)

I'm getting sick and tired of not being able to fit in, I can't be a jock, a geek, a brainiac or a car guy ! And thats only the things I dared to tell you.

I also tried to be a goth, a hip-hopper, a gang banger, a musician,a train/plane spotter, a teachers pet, a snitch, a rocker, a rock chick, a punk, a new romantic and a well cool soul boy.

I think I'm doomed to be a nerd now and for the rest of my days.

BUt with all that sodding about I can't remember how to be a nerd !

any and all help greatly appreciated, either that or its back to therapy !


Mar 21, 2002
You tried to be a car GUY and a rock CHICK!? That's different! ;)
Mar 18, 2002
You've missed all the ones I feel you'd have a natural vocation for.
Saddo, weirdo, transvestite, fruitbat, Nana Maskouri/Buddy Holly impersonator
hang on, why don't you get one of those red Porsche 94. . . . . . . . . oh . . .
carrying on then, punch and judy pupeteer, icecream man, mad scientist, insect stuffer, presenter on QVC shopping channel or President of the United States of America?

(I actually like old George, it's just for effect ;))

All in humour, hang in there nerd.
:D :D :D
Jul 29, 2001
When driving the Porche in pumps and a sun dress he just feels pretty...give a girl a break will ya...


Oct 26, 2002
I haven't been hangin' much
in Random these days, been in CivDebate
or on the m/cycle or mowing the yard.

Who are you people??



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Mar 3, 2004
Moby said:
Buddy Holly impersonator.
All in humour, hang in there nerd.
:D :D :D
Actually, I forgot that one.

When I was hanging with the brainiacs, we did a little experiment, and I travled back in time, "and with the help of his partner Al and a computer called Goochie, Sam becket has to put all the wrongs right in order to leap back home" ..... :p anyway I met Buddy Holly, and helped him rewrite a song about his pet pig, peggy,,,,, to Peggy "SOUX"


(maniacal laughter) :D :D

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