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Hey you!~

I am confuse about cellphones.

1) if someone calls you. Are you still Using up your Minutes?

2) If I call a 800 number Am I'm still paying for that call using my minutes?

3) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.... If I just call a number and let it ring and ring but No One picks up. am I'm still paying for that call?

or am I'm only paying when someone answers?

4) If I call to check my messages, am I'm paying with my minutes?

I have a basic plan. please don't tell me to check the FAQ's from my provider, they don't tell me squat :(

so that's why I have to come to a computer help board to ask questions about it!!
Feb 28, 2001
Below applies to most companies but not all so it is best to speak directly to your cell phone provider.

1) Yes you are charged. The only way you are not docked minutes
is when you are outside your local area (roaming) and then you are charged long distance from your specific location.

2) Here is a quote from the FCC website. "All Toll Free Phone Calls Are Free"
Because you use "air time" to call a toll free number from your cell phone, a fee is charged, and more than one may apply. Read your contract or check with your provider before making that toll free call.

3) No most provider do not charge for unanswered, or busy signal
calls. Answering machines count as calls.

4) Checking you messages usually count as a call.

Best thing you could do as I mentioned above is call your provider for clarification on those questions. Also be diligent in reviewing your bill for charges. There can be many and some you may need
clarification on. Fee's is a blanket term for lets pick the consumers pocket. Another point which has happened to me several times
is review all charges when you are on the outskirts of you local area. Many times a cell phone will pick up a tower outside your area because its strength is greater for whatever reason.
Dispute these charges because they can be significant. Most carriers will credit your account with those circumstances.
Hope that helps.
Jun 8, 2001
Good Question and good answers too..........

I think Davey covered it quite well. I can only add one thing whenever you use the cell phone think of is as a receiver/transmitter............... IOW no matter what whenever it receives "the clock is ticking" whenever it transmitts the same applies.

The seconds are rounded off to the minute so 61 seconds becomes two minutes. If you have voice mail options try to check those from a land line if possible, in a months billing cycle you can run up a bunch of minutes just checking voice mail and your carrier loves you for it. :rolleyes:

IOW they have conviniently inplaced all the voice options to make sure the clock is ticking while you press buttons ie. "if you want to store your message press 1, if you want to listen to your message again press 2, if you want to listen to a previous message press 3, if you want to............ I think you get the gist of it while you listen to all the damn options "the clock is ticking".

Someone you don't even know calls you and leaves a message "the clock is ticking" You call someone and the call drops off, so you call again and their phone rings you say we lost the connection yada,yada........"the clock is ticking"

Last advice here, if you want to get max usage of your "free minutes":rolleyes: it is up to you to know when your billing cycle begins and ends IOW do not assume that it begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day because chances are it does not so check with your carrier as to the "billing cycle" time frame for your service.



Jun 17, 2001
in the uk:
1)if someone calls NO you are not charged.

2)free phone numbers are always charged

3)if you call a number and no one answers.... unless they have voicemail switched on it is a free call.

4) depends who your service provider is whether you pay for messages.

see not everything this side of the water is bad.

Jun 26, 2000
and in Ireland:

1) No charge of you receive a call

2) Free phone numbers are free (even in the UK, some providers do not charge for freephone)

3) no charge if no one answers, unless you get voicemail

4)most companies charge when checking for messages.
Dec 11, 2001
wen & RandyG,

Its the same in Kenya too!

I think America's cell phone industry is all screwed up...

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