I'm fearing the worst. Please help.

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Mar 19, 2008
Hi guys,

A year or two ago I built my Dad a great PC and from day one he said it was amazing. Fast, Great sound & Graphics etc. etc. and he never ever had a problem with it.

A few months back he brought it back to me saying it was 'playing up'. He told me it kept blue screening, sometimes freezing and then it would shut down or he'd power it off when freezing and then it wouldn't turn back on.

So I took a look. He unplugged it and brought it round. A couple of days later I started to have a look at it and it booted up just fine and everything was working. A few hours later it froze. I powered down and powered back up.

All lights and fans kicked in but no post, no windows, no display.

I left it for a few hours and booted up again and it worked. I tried to get into bios so I could do the classic format and wipe but it froze again.

After trying various things, with no success. I stripped the computer down to purely PSU and motherboard. I then reattatched everything, cables, fans, components and still nothing.

So I left it for the night.

I've been crazy busy busy ever since so it's sat in my room for a few months until tonight I finally had time to look at it. So i turned it on after hooking it up to a spare monitor and it booted fine. I went straight into bios to change boot and then proceeding in formatting and reinstalling windows 7.

No problems at all. Started tweaking windows 7 for him once it fully installed. Got network connection running, installed drivers. Then I ran windows updatem, selected the majority of major updates and the optionals and let it do it's thing while I watched tv.

The next thing I know the screen goes black. Computer is off. Weird.....

Go to turn it back on. Nothing. Dead. Try again. Still dead.

I flick the switch at the back, unplug the power cable. Re-attach, flick switch and it powers up without me pressing the power button on the front of the tower. I realise this is probably just a bios setting or Lan wake and I'm not concerned with that.

My next steps is what's worrying me. I removed the RAM and tried the other two slots. No change.

I then removed the RAM completely, still nothing, and no beeps .... :(

I removed the pci-e components (soundcard & video card)

Now all that's attatched is the HDDs, fans, PSU (obviously) CPU and that's it.

Still nothing.

What's weird is I know if I leave it again for a night or two and try again it'll boot up fine and then just crash at some point again.

So with the RAM removed, and no post or beeps (when graphics card was plugged in) does this mean by RAM and/or m/board is fried?

I'm confused as to how if after it happened to HIM, it booted up and worked fine for hours with me.

Here's the specs.

PSU: 800w Kingwin (the voltage figures on the side of the psu are confusing so I'm not sure, but it says in one column....

+3.3v & 5v & +12v = 770w) ???

CPU: AMD Quad Core Phenom II

Graphics: GEforce GTX 260

Sound: Sounblaster Audigy HD

Motherboard: Asus M9 series deluxe.

RAM: x2 Kingston 4GB DDR2

If anyone can help resolve this I'd appreciate it so much.

There's plenty of cooling in it. One 12" Front case fan. one 8" custom bought side van. Fan on heatsink on CPU (coolant underneath obviously) and psu is blowing cool air directly down to the cpu.

Crap... actually I've just noticed the rear tower fan feels like it's blowing more cool air than out, which is not the correct intake/outake setup right?

Man, how did i manage that? I don't remember ever swapping it from it's first build so why after 2 years would it be the problem?

it feels cool when i place my hand in the open case and i CAN feel some air blowing out but feels like more blowing in from the rear fan.

Could this cause overheating? and why would that affect the 'no beep' when i remove RAM?

Ok, well if someone can help I'd really appreciate it. I really hope I don't have to replace the CPU and M/board.

and thanks for reading so much! :)


Dec 26, 2002
Have you tried another power supply? Kingwin isn't one of the better manufacturer's but any power supply can fail, sometimes partially.

Also when you get it boot up, enter the BIOS and watch the temps, make sure the CPU isn't overheating.


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Mar 19, 2008
I can try the power supply in my PC I guess. My PC is very similar to his in specs as again I built it myself but it's never given me power problems.

Is that the most likely cause? Could the power supply be affecting the no-RAM no beeps though?
Mar 14, 2011
What may have happened here is that the PSU failed and damaged mobo along with it.

Try the PSU in your system or try your PSU in his system.


Jan 2, 2001
In order to start the boot process, the mb must detect the "pw good signal" from the pw supply. Start with swapping in a known good pw supply for testing. Note you do not have to fully install the test unit. Just connect the atx pw, aux pw, and video pw [if used] Hit the pw button and see if it will complete post. Repeat a few times; now enter the bios and check your temps and voltages. Post those here; specifically the cpu temp, mb or system temp, the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V values.
Jan 27, 2009
That is exactly my thought as well. You should never take bad parts out of a non working computer and put them into a good computer as the badness can spread. But to me that is almost certainly a PSU issue.

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