Is the Neo Pagan Movement genuine 'Paganism'?


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May 5, 2002
In a Word No - it isn't. Pop Cultural Paganism is a Joke - a fancy Dress Masquerade of Individuals.

In any pre-christian Society - they functioned as Tribes - not Individuals. If Native America had been like the Affectationalists today - who wear the Turquoise Jewelry there'd have been no-one to greet Columbus in 1492, while in Britain the Druids might have been the Religion - but to Celtic Tribes-People - not those for whom it might be some sort of Indulgence. St Columba would have arrived to an empty Land as would St Patrick in Ireland. The Iceni were called that - not Boudica and a very long List of Individual Names, while Vercingetorix might have been the most famous of the Arverne but still was part of a Tribe.

Similarly, you had the Navajo Peoples - called that because they were a Society, along with the Myriad of other Tribes across Native America - while there were even Attempts to create Groups of Societies like the Haudenause Confederacy. Also, all you had to be in those Societies was a Navajo - not a Navajo - who happened to be very wealthy or something, while the sort of things we see destroying our own Societies would have done exactly the same to theirs!

Homo Sapia are - by Nature - a Tribal Species - not Collections of Individuals - going back to the beginnings of their Existance. When I hear someone prattling on about some supposed ;Nature Religion' while being as Individualist - thus selfish - as possible I question it. How can that be a Nature Religion at all when you have done away with the most natural thing People want to do - and be with other People? When it has deteriorated to that Level it has become nothing more than an Objet-da - something to own - like it was a Thing!

This was always why Christians were wary of the Occult - because it fractured the very thing they are - a Community. These Neo-Pagen Things are no better than the TV Evangelists who ask you to send Money - but the first to criticise them. You can do this New-Age Course, or that Weekend in the Woods or something - but it'll cost you. Most Christian Communities charge nothing - while you get to do what pre-christian People used to do - meet other People. Occultisms Community - if you can call it that - only extends to those in the Coven or the Neo-Pagan Grove.........forgetting that the Wise Women or Druids of old lived amongst those they administered to.

So, is Neo-Paganism just a Trendy Affectation - a Plaything or some intellectual Game - which seems to have become anything but natural and has a very un-natural Effect on everything? Is it nothing more than an Indulgence practiced by those who can afford to subscribe - rivven with the Value Judgements and Prejudices you find in any Materialist Culture? Were Communities of Christians right to keep it in check - fearing it could fracture the Societies that do look after the less fortunate? Even non-christian Jewish People are seeing a Conflict in their Culture as Money and Self-Interest has usurped Society and Community in Israel!

What happens if those few Occultists are having an adverse Effect on the Lives of many Non-Occultists?

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