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Is there anyway to tell what area this covers?

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by starchild, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002

    I've been writing on a discussion board where someone is kind of a bully/troublemaker. He doesn't come out and do/say anything the host of the board could report him for, but insinuates he lives near to where the host lives (in the country) and sends her (and others) emails if he doesn't like what they write. Claims they are writing lies about him, etc.

    Kind of an unstable person. I put his IP number in a search and it comes back to RR, and an address in VA. He isn't doing anything outright enough to report him (and we feel this would only add fuel to the fire, and trying to ignore him is the best bet).

    I know someone (not involved in this) who lives in FL who has RR for an IP. But, does it go all over the country, like AOL, Earthlink, etc? Or is it just a specific area?

    Where this says "miidsouth" I was thinking maybe the person who has it lives in that part of the country?

    It would be nice if we could pinpoint just what part of the country the person lives in, so those who are being intimitated by him might feel a bit easier.

    I remember when I first came online people would say "be careful there are a lot of nuts on the internet".I didn't think I'd be going anywhere "nuts" would be (LOL) But, I'm starting to see what they meant.

    People seem to feel safer to express other sides of them online that they might not around people in their offline life.

    And, who knows who is "all talk" and who isn't.

    When I first moved to VT in 1997 there was a big story about a young boy in the state who had bee sent a mail bomb (which blew up, seriously injuring him, killing his mother (who brought in the package) and destroying their home) a man in OH had sent it, after finding out the boy wasn't gay, as he thought he was.

    He sent the bomb via UPS and was caught from the records.

    Anyway, it's just one of those "just wondering" things... if RR is like some of the big ISPs there's probably no way to pinpoint what part of the country the user is in.

    And just keeping out of the way seems to be the best bet.

    ~ Carrie
  2. Jonesiegirl

    Jonesiegirl Guest

    Looks like there's your answer...
  3. angelize56

    angelize56 Always remembered in our hearts

    Apr 17, 2002
    And there's your second answer. Ignore the jerk!
  4. $teve


    Oct 9, 2001
    carrie.....its way too difficult trying to find the guy........ignore him and tell everyone else the same...no audience..........no act.
    take care;)
  5. Ratboy


    Feb 12, 1999
  6. Rockn


    Jul 29, 2001
    If he is harassing everyone and being a general nuisance, why doesn't the site admin ban him and his IP address? Sounds like an easy enough thing to do and it has been done on this board on more than one occaison.
  7. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    Sorry I didn't get back to this, "life" has been taking more of my attention for awhile (below zero weather, daughter's car broken, my computer messing up and having to reinstall WINDOWS (twice) today and finally getting it to dial up again!)

    This forum is so big, I can't keep up with it. Which is GOOD!

    Anyway, about the poster, we weren't sure if it was a man or woman (using different names) but now seems to be using a woman's name.

    I don't go on the discussion boards she's on, and one was already closed because of her.

    The one she is now on is a newsgroup, which has NO moderation and control. It's free and open to all and that's the way they want it. (apparently).

    I'm new to newsgroups, and had heard they are "no holds barred- if you don't like it leave". not that everyone is like this, and you can write around the ones looking for trouble.

    (I don't have AOL, so can't get into their discussion boards, but from what I've heard it sounds sort of like the same thing, though at some point they do have moderation).

    This person seems determined to see "faults" in others and jump on them about it, and try and start trouble. She digs and baits and if someone tries to answer her questions and communicate with her, she evades it and continues on with her attacks.

    I think most people have stopped reading/writing with her, but there are still enough to keep her going.

    The last thread I was involved in was about Michael Jackson and how his life does sound strange, (and I don't think it's a GOOD thing about him and children- at least for him to talk so openly about it, even as he says, it's innocent) but about giving him the benefit of any doubt. Since nobody is saying there's anything wrong, even the reporter who lived with him for 8 months, and the CA D.A.

    The poster I mentioned jumped on this and decided that anyone who doesn't see Michael Jackson as the pedaphile, child abuser he clearly is IS a child abuser/molester themselves. Because they "think it's okay" to have sex with children, and it's scary to think they might have children living in THEIR house... etc.etc.etc.

    Of course, nobody ever said that. What's scary is someone "deciding" someone else is a child abuser/molester, based solely on their views about Michael Jackson being "innocent until proven guilty".

    That was the point where I decided to stay out of it. NOt that I'm a child abuser, but someone throwing out false accusations and making them into TRUTH, based on nothing but their own warped imagination or need to attack, is too much.

    And, that's just one example.

    It would be nice if everyone left and she could have the newgroup to herself. But, there are plenty of people who might say they don't like it, but also can't resist reading and writing back with her. And those like her. She's not really the only one on the NG who seems to need to "vent".

    There are plenty of other boards and lists one can write on.

    Or, in my case, I could go wash the dishes instead (LOL)

    ~ Carrie
  8. brushmaster1


    Jun 15, 2002
    If you REALLY want to find out where this person lives, just run a tracert on their IP address.

    Open a DOS window and type TRACERT xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (where the Xs are replaced by the actual IP address), and you will get the complete route from your computer to the person's ISP. The last entry will be the point of entry for that person's computer...
  9. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    Okay, I'll try it.

    I was just wondering what part of the country the person lives in, because of her veiled threats and insinuations. Not that it really matters, with the internet and mail, FedEx, etc.

    I don't mean I want to know her actual home address (LOL)

    I have used an IP trace (I used to use when I had a discussion board, and people would sometimes post using fact names). But it's not DOS. It's an IP looked (Arion WhoIs, I think it is. I have to get it again, I had to reinstal WINDOWS yesterday, and wiped out everything I had doing it.

    I didn't know you could pinpoint it too closely when it's a big ISP (like AOL for example).

    Right after I got my computer people warned me about being careful, because you never know what someone is going to do, you meet on line. Someone had sent a mail bomb to a teenager on the other side of the state (VT) from OH, because he thought the kid was gay, and turned out the kid was putting him on, or something. He sent the bomb UPS (with a record of it) and it killed the kid's mother, seriously injured the kid and destroyed their home. The man was, of course, arrested and currently in jail.

    I never thought I'd be anywhere online where people like that might be, but... you can't really tell. And, there are always lurkers.

    Best bet is to not make waves and don't be as outspoken/trusting as I tend to be. Even though anyone can find anything to get mad over, if that's what they want.

    Right now I am staying out of the way and watching the person continually bait and find others to try and start with.

    ~ Carrie

    later: I tried it and the last 12 timed out. Before that it looked like it went FROM MA, NY, into NC, etc. That would be going TOWARDS the source, where it was coming from? (and RR seems to be in the south)?

    Everytime I learn something new to do in DOS I'm amazed at it.

    I don't know much to do in it, but would like to know more that would (like this) be useful. I recently learned how to restart in SAFE mode using it, which is easier than the ways I had been using.
  10. starchild

    starchild Thread Starter

    Sep 17, 2002
    Okay I think I got the hang of it, even with it timing out.

    I tried a few IP numbers of people I know where they live.

    It starts out telling where it is, and then the steps leading up to it, so it doesn't matter if it times out.

    From what I could see.

    But I tried mine, which is Earthlink, and it only went one stop to "mindspring dialup" and didn't give a HINT as to where it comes from (which is good, even though I don't hide what part of the world I live in).

    What I then wanted to do was print the screen, but couldn't get it to. How many different ways can you get "BAD COMMAND/FILE NAME!" :)

    This is where I'd like to know some DOS, like basics. I've gotten books and tutorials on it, but it gets into saving files and directories, etc.

    I just want to know enough to get around in it, if I have to, or get stuck in it (which has happened at times).

    I once had a program that did basically the same thing as the DOS lookup. I think it was called PING.

    ~ Carrie
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