Jacko: I Sleep With Kids... It's Fun


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Feb 7, 2002

Feb 4 2003

Michael's amazing TV confession screened UK, to be shown Later in USA this wk, bought for over 3 million !

MICHAEL Jackson has sensationally admitted he regularly sleeps with children in his bedroom - sometimes in the same bed.

The eccentric star, rocked by a child abuse scandal in 1993, admits he often invites disadvantaged youngsters to stay with him overnight for "milk and cookies".

But he insists his motives are not sexual. "It's just fun," he says.

Jackson revealed the full extent of his obsession with children in a shocking TV interview.

The singer's disturbing admissions come a decade after he paid £18million to 13-year-old Jordan Chandler after being accused of molesting him.

In a Tonight special shown on ITV1 last night he also claimed he:

ONLY ever had plastic surgery on his nose - and that was to help him sing high notes.
NEVER met the surrogate mother of his third child, Prince Michael II.
SNATCHED his daughter Paris from hospital and took her home minutes after she was born.
DANGLED his son from a hotel balcony just to please fans and held on to him "tight and strong".
DREAMS of adopting at least 10 more children.
During the interview with Martin Bashir, Jackson was shown holding hands with one of his "best friends" - a 12-year old boy called Gavin.

He met the 44-year-old star two years ago after being told he was dying of cancer and has since made regular visits to Jackson's Neverland ranch outside Los Angeles.

Gavin told Bashir: "There was one night, I asked him if I could stay in his bedroom and he let me stay.

"I was like, Michael you can sleep in the bed, and he was like, `no, no, you sleep on the bed - if you love me you'll sleep in the bed'.

"I finally slept on the bed. But it was fun that night."

Jackson denied there was anything strange in his behaviour. "Why can't you share your bed?" he asked. "The most loving thing to do, is to share your bed with someone.

"My greatest inspiration comes from kids. Every song, every dance, all the poetry I write, is all inspired by that level of innocence.

"That consciousness of purity. And children have that. I see God in the face of children. And man, I just love being around that all the time."

Bashir was not convinced. This is how the bizarre exchange unfolded:

Bashir: Is it really appropriate for a 44-year-old man to share a bedroom with a child that is not related to him at all?

Jackson: That's a beautiful thing.

Bashir: That's not a worrying thing?

Jackson: Why should that be worrying? Who's Jack the Ripper in the room? There's some guy trying to heal a child, I'm sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor.

Bashir: Did you ever sleep in the bed with them?

Jackson: No. But I have slept in a bed with many children, I slept in a bed with all of them when Macauley Culkin was little.

"Kieran Culkin would sleep on this side, Macauley Culkin was on this side, his sisters in there. We all would just jam in the bed you know we would wake up at dawn and go in the hot air balloon. You know we had the footage. I have all that footage.

Bashir: But is that right, Michael?

Jackson: It's very right. It's very loving. That's what the world needs now - more love, more heart.

Bashir: The world needs a man who's 44 sleeping in a bed with children?

Jackson: No, you're making it all wrong.

Bashir: I suppose the problem for many people is what happened in 1993, or what didn't happen. How did you feel about the allegations?

Jackson: I was shocked because God knows how much I adore children.

Bashir: Isn't that precisely the problem, that when you actually invite children into your bed you never know what is going to happen?

Jackson: When you say bed, you're thinking sexual - it's not sexual, We're going to sleep, I tuck them in and I put a little music on and when it's story time I read a book.

"We go to sleep, I give them hot milk, you know, we have cookies, it's very charming it's very sweet, it's what the whole world should do.

Bashir: Why does it mean so much to you?

Jackson: I'm just very sensitive to their pain. If there were no children on this earth, if someone announced all kids were dead, I would jump off the balcony immediately."

At one stage Bashir was shocked when Jackson asked if he'd ever tried sleeping in the same bed as a child.

Jackson: Because what's wrong with sharing a love? You don't sleep with your kids or some other kid who needs love who didn't have a good childhood?

Bashir: No, no I don't. I would never dream...

Jackson: That's cos you've never been where I've been mentally.

Bashir: But Michael, I wouldn't like my children to sleep in anybody else's bed.

Jackson: Well, I wouldn't mind if I knew the person well.

During the interview, filmed over several months, Jackson displays some odd behaviour towards his own three children - all of whom have their faces covered at all times.

He talks about the birth of his four-year-old daughter Paris.

"She came out the wrong way and was being kind of choked by the umbilical cord," he says. "So I was kind of worried and I was so anxious to get her home that, after cutting the cord - I hate to say this - I snatched her and just went home with all the placenta all over her.

"I'm not kidding - I got her in a towel and ran." He insists Paris's mother, dermatology nurse Debbie Rowe, did not mind him taking the baby away.

He says she gave him the children "as a gift":

Bashir: So she knew that Michael Jackson wanted children?

Jackson: Yes, that's why. She said, `you need to be a daddy'.

Bashir: She said you needed to be a daddy more than she needed to be a mother?

Jackson: Yeah. She wanted to do that for me as a present.

Bashir: As a present?

Jackson: As a gift. I used to walk around holding baby dolls.

Bashir: Really?

Jackson: Yes, cos I wanted children so badly.

Bashir: Your wife gave you two children as a present because she knew you wanted to be a father?

Jackson: Yeah. It was a lovely gesture.

Bashir: It's an incredible gesture.

Jackson says the mother of his third child, Prince Michael II - whom calls Blanket - is a black woman he has never met.

"I used a surrogate mother and my own sperm cells," he said. "I didn't care what race she is as long as she is healthy."

Jackson says he was angered by claims he could have hurt Blanket when he dangled him over a hotel balcony in Berlin.

"We were waving to thousands of fans and they were chanting they wanted to see my child, so I was kind enough to let them see. I was doing something out of innocence. I was holding my son tight and strong."

Jackson admitted his own upbringing was traumatic. While touring as a child star he had to pretend to be asleep while his brothers brought girls back to their bedroom for sex.

He was also petrified of his dad Joseph, who regularly beat them with a belt. "I was so terrified of him I would regurgitate," he said.

Jackson revealed how in later life he was unable to have a physical relationship with his first love, Tatum O'Neal.

He said she tried to seduce him, but as she began to undress him, he held his face in his hands - and she gave up.

"I was very naive," he said. "I just wasn't ready for that." But he says he will never take out his hang-ups on his own children - or anyone else's.

"It's not true that the abused abuse," he insisted.

He said he wanted to adopt at least 10 more children - a boy and a girl from every continent. "That's my dream."

Jackson also denied having any plastic surgery - apart from his nose. "It helped me breathe better so I can hit the high notes," he explained.

He reacted angrily when Bashir suggested that he had been under the knife numerous times.

"None of it's true," he snapped. "They made it up."

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Mar 18, 2002
I saw it too. He started off well and gained some sympathy from me, but oh dear oh dear, it's not Peter Pan he's away with, it's Pete's fairy mate.
Watch it in America!
Mar 18, 2002
Exactly Joe, and he wants more, a male and female from each of the worlds continents. The word ornament springs to mind.
Jul 12, 2001
This "character" has crossed over big time. He really thinks there is nothing wrong with what he does. One of his many surgeries must have been on the brain too. Sick, sick. :mad: :eek:


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Feb 7, 2002
Just one of the strange/weird moments from the show .........

<img src="http://forums.techguy.org/attachment.php?s=&postid=710466">

Trying to feed the baby through the veil...........


Mar 27, 2002

Michael Jackson has just announced that he will be re-making his 80's hit "Black or White"

The new song wil include the Chorus...

"It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 10"!

Oct 9, 2001
i think we all watched it this side of the pond.............i want to know how old his baby is going to be when he realises that the world isnt yellow tinged :D
Feb 17, 2001
I think what makes this such a shameful thing, is that the whole world is allowing it to happen. It's a wonderful "gossip case" that the whole world is drinking in, mean while...what of the children? Is he telling the truth? We will only know likely when Jackson is dead and his children use their past to make more money and gossip.

I just hate how the rich can so obviously get away with what an average joe blow could not. It's a travesty to the children involved.

I only pray he is telling the truth and that his heart and mind are in the right place and that it is the media twisting the reality to gain audience.


I only pray he is telling the truth and that his heart and mind are in the right place and that it is the media twisting the reality to gain audience.
Sheesh... look at him! He's definitely messed up in the melon! :rolleyes:
As for his heart... well who knows :confused:


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Feb 7, 2002

Exclusive From Richard Wallace, US Editor, In Los Angeles

CHILD protection experts in the US called last night for Michael Jackson to be investigated over his TV confession that he shares his bed with children.

Martin Bashir's film, seen by 15 million on ITV on Monday, will be shown in America tomorrow.

Senior staff at the US Department of Social Services and Santa Barbara County Children and Family Service - who cover the area of Jackson's California home - will be watching.

A Santa Barbara official said: "We will examine it very carefully and decide if any action is necessary." Victim rights lawyer Gloria Allred said: "There should be an investigation. It is highly inappropriate with his history to have children in the same bedroom or house."

Child psychiatrist and welfare advocate Dr Carole Lieberman said she is "mandated" to report suspected abuse.

She will call for Jacko's children - Prince Michael I, six, daughter Paris, four, and baby Prince Michael II - to be taken away while he has urgent psychiatric treatment.

She said: "The only way to get social services to take this seriously is to put more pressure on them."

Jacko was condemned in Britain. Michelle Elliott, of Kidscape, said: "If he were an ordinary citizen social services would intervene. Why do normal rules that apply to everyone not apply to celebrities?"

The NSPCC said his bed sharing claims "could be used as justification" by sexual abusers.

Jackson is a "sad, poor boy" who drastically altered his appearance because of psychological problems, said Constance Campion, cosmetic surgery nurse and chair of the Association of Medical Aesthetic Practitioners.


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Mar 19, 2001
I agree with Moby

When I started to watch it, and it was talking about his father, I was feeling sorry for the guy.

I loved the climbing the tree bit. He was like a big kid.

Then, when he went to that shop, and bought about 80% of the stock, that was funny, especially the prices.

But, when he was talking about sharing his bed, ect, that got to me.

Also, when that kid, Gavin I think his name was, that was who he slept in the same room.

The thing is, when Michael starts to explain about the sleeping arrangements, and something about God, watch Gavin's face. From my eyes, it seemed to change, but I'll see what other's felt.



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Feb 7, 2002

Feb 6 2003

Michael Jackson today branded Martin Bashir's programme about his life a "gross distortion of the truth" and said he felt "devastated and utterly betrayed".

The pop superstar accused Bashir of breaking a promise not to include footage of his children in the film and said the programme falsely made him out to be a bad parent.

But Granada Television dismissed Jacko's accusations and stood by Bashir, insisting the controversial programme was "truthful and open".

A spokesman said: "There has been no distortion, misrepresentation or breach of trust. Martin Bashir agreed with Michael that we'd make an honest film about his life and we've fulfilled that promise."

Bashir spent eight months with Jackson making the sometimes shocking documentary in which Jackson admitted sharing his bed with young boys. During one disturbing scene the star sat holding hands with his new friend, a 12-year-old called Gavin.

PARENT: Jackson with two of his children.

The one-time King of Pop also insisted his children were masked whenever they went out in public and draped a veil around baby son Blanket's face as he bottle-fed him.

Today he accused Bashir, who famously interviewed Princess Diana for Panorama, of misrepresenting his abilities as a father.

And he moaned that the film, in which he tried to justify dangling his baby son over a 60-foot balcony, gave a false impression of life in the Jackson household.

He said:"I trusted Martin Bashir to come into my life and that of my family because I wanted the truth to be told.

"Martin Bashir persuaded me to trust him that his would be an honest and fair portrayal of my life and told me that he was 'the man that turned Diana's life around'.

"Today I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before; that someone, who had got to know my children, my staff and me, whom I let into my heart and told the truth, could then sacrifice the trust I placed in him and produce this terrible and unfair programme.

"Everyone who knows me will know the truth which is that my children come first in my life and that I would never harm any child."

A spokesman for the star added: "Michael is devastated and feels utterly betrayed by the programme, Living With Michael Jackson, which he regards as a gross distortion of the truth and a tawdry attempt to misrepresent his life and his abilities as a father.

"Michael feels deeply angry that the programme could have led viewers to conclude that he abuses children in any way. Michael Jackson has never, and would never, treat a child inappropriately or expose them to any harm and totally refutes any suggestions to the contrary."

A spokesman for programme-maker Granada said: "We stand by our programme - it is a truthful, open and intimate portrayal of many aspects of Michael Jackson's life.

"Michael is a controversial figure with many critics. It's not surprising that a film about him, which is so open and revealing, draws some hostile reaction and comment about him.

"It's regrettable that Michael should feel devastated as a result of that, but perhaps inevitable."

The spokesman added that there was no agreement with Jackson to keep footage of his children out of the film.

Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, the mother of his eldest children Prince Michael and Paris, leapt to his defence today.

She told GMTV: "He's a really wonderful, loving, caring man and he's not portrayed as he really is and it really pisses me off.

"There could be no other person that could be a better father. And I resent anyone making allegations that he is not a parent, and that he is not a proper parent."

Jackson has told the children they have no mother, and revealed to Bashir how he took Paris from Rowe just moments after she was born.

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