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Jan 13, 2003
Hey everyone,

Quick thing, this isn't as much of a problem as an anoyance. I had to reformat my computer a while back and was right at the end of jedi outcast. does anyone have a level skipping cheat???

It would be much appreciated.
Dec 6, 2002
Taken from:

god - God Mode
noclip - No Clipping Mode
notarget - Enemies Ignore You
kill - Kill Yourself
give all - Give all weapons and health + armor at max
give weapons - Give all weapons
give health - Full health
give armor - Full armor
give ammo - Full ammo
give force - Full force bar
give inventory - Full inventory
give batteries - Full battery bar
give weaponnum <weapon number> - Spawn indicated weapon
spawn <item name> - Spawn indicated item (See the list below)
npc spawn <npc_name> - Spawn an NPC (See the list below)
map <map_name> - Load level (See the list below)
fly_xwing - Fly an X-Wing (it usually crashes the game)
drive_atst - Ride an ATST (to get out of ATST type the code again)
use atst_death - Destroy all AT-STs
screenshot - Screenshot
levelshot - Screenshot without the console window
r_showtris ! - Wireframe display
setviewpos <x> <y> <z> <yaw> - Place camera at indicated coordinates
where <classname> - Reveal where indicated entity is located
force_heal - Use Force Heal ability
control <NPC name> - Control any ally that is following you
taunt - Kyle taunts
thereisnospoon - bullettime :)
undying - Sets health and armor max at 999
victory - End level / Will make kyle do something like flipping his weapon
where - Warp
setForceAll 3 - All Force Powers
setForceAll 39 - Take over bodies
g_saberRealisticCombat 1 - Dismemberments
g_dismemberProbabilities 0 - Disable the chance calculations for dismembering enemies with your lightsaber
g_dismemberment 1 - Turning dismemberment on (can be done in the setup if ui_iscensored = 0)
cg_thirdpersonvertoffset -5 - Move the camera vertically
cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 0 - Cinematic fighting
cg_thirdpersonrange # - Change camera distance in third person (# = 1-9999; default=80)
cg_simpleitems 1 - Simpleitems
cg_crosshairsize # - Change crosshair size (# = 0-99999; default 24)
d_slowmotiondeath 9 - Always Have A Matrix Kill (default 1)
d_npcfreeze 0 - Stop all NPC Actions (to restart it type "d_npcfreeze 0")
setForceJump <level> - Set Force Jump level (1-3)
setForceHeal <level> - Set Force Heal level (1-3)
setForcePush <level> - Set Force Push level (1-3)
setForcePull <level> - Set Force Pull level (1-3)
setForceSpeed <level> - Set Force Speed level (1-3)
setForceGrip <level> - Set Force Grip level (1-3)
setForceLightning <level> - Set Force Lightning level (1-3)
setForceAll <level> - Sets Force Level of all abilities (1-3)
setForceMindTrick <level> - Mind Trick Level up Force (1-3)
setSaberThrow <level> - Set lightsaber throw level (1-3)
setSaberOffense <level> - Set lightsaber offensive level (1-3)
setSaberDefense <level> - Set lightsaber defensive level (1-3)
saberColor <color> - Set lightsaber color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple)
quit - Quit game
give eweaps - ?
viewobjective <objective number> - ?
setobjective <objective number> <display status> <status> - ?
nav - ?
exitview - ?
r_speeds ! - ?
com_speeds ! - ?

Map Names (to use it with map command): kejim_post, kejim_base, artus_mine, artus_detention, artus_topside, valley, yavin_temple, yavin_trial, ns_streets, ns_hideout, ns_starpad, bespin_undercity, bespin_streets, bespin_platform, cairn_bay, cairn_assembly, cairn_reactor, cairn_dock1, doom_comm, doom_detention, doom_shields, yavin_swamp, yavin_canyon, yavin_courtyard, yavin_final, pit, ctf_bespin, ctf_imperial, ctf_ns_streets, ctf_yavin, duel_bay, duel_jedi, duel_pit, duel_carbon, ffa_bespin, ffa_deathstar, ffa_imperial, ffa_ns_hideout, ffa_ns_streets, ffa_raven, ffa_yavin.

NPC Spawn List (to use with npc spawn command): Bad Guys - stormtrooper, rokettrooper, imperial, impcommander, impofficer, impworker, rodian, reborn, rebornfencer, rebornboss, mark1, mark2, atst (this one needs alot of room), probe, sentry, stcommander, rebornforceuser, minemonster, tavion, rebornacrobat, interrogator, trandoshan, desann, gran, granshooter, weequay, reelo, stofficer. GoodGuys - rebel, jedi, jeditrainer, jan, lando, seeker, mouse, protocol, protocol_imp, r2d2, r5d2, r2d2_imp, gonk, bespincop, ugnaught, luke, monmothma.

Item List (to use with spawn command): item_bacta, misc_atst_drivable.
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